Common Skyworth TV Problems Explained

Skyworth TV is a great choice if you are on a tight budget. Being of high quality, it comes at quite a reasonable price! 

However, just like every other TV, the performance cannot be guaranteed. Where every electronic device gets some problems, there, Skyworth TV is no exception.

If you are a Skyworth TV user or are thinking of getting one, you are at the right place! You must know about some commonly faced problems with Skyworth TV. And that’s what we have done for you. 

Common Skyworth TV problems include Wi-Fi connectivity issues, black screen, not turning on, picture and sound-related issues, and no signal. Such issues require solutions like restarting the device, fixing cables, and adjusting the settings.

Here in this article, we will discuss Skyworth TV problems and their troubleshooting procedures.

Skyworth TV Problems


List of Skyworth TV Problems with Solutions

Reported by Skyworth TV users, here is a list of issues commonly occurring with Skyworth TV.

Table for Skyworth TV Problems and Troubleshooting Procedures:

Skyworth TV ProblemsTroubleshooting Procedures
TV not turning onCheck the power cord, try another socket, or contact professional help
Wi-Fi connectivity issuesRestart TV and router, reset Wi-Fi settings, check cables
Black screen problemCheck the cooling system, power supply, and contact the technician if the issue persists
Sound but no pictureCheck sound settings, audio cable connection, TV speakers, and contact the technician if the issue persists
TV turning on and offCheck the video cable connection and port, and contact the technician if the issue persists
Picture without soundReplace batteries, try resetting the TV
TV showing no signalCheck HDMI cable connection and port, restart TV, perform a soft reset
TV not responding to remoteCheck sound settings, audio cable connection, TV speakers, contact the technician if the issue persists
TV not reading USBCheck USB port for damage or dust, and update the TV software

Make sure to read on to explain troubleshooting procedures for these problems.

1. Skyworth TV Not Turning On

If your Skyworth TV does not turn on, this indicates some issue with the power supply. 

Firstly double check that the main power cord is plugged in perfectly. Another thing you can do is unplug the power cord and re-plug it back in after a few minutes. 

Also, there might be a fault in the power supply board on the wall. You can test if the wall receptacle is working properly by plugging in another device and seeing if it works. If you conclude that it has some fault, try using another socket. 

If the issue isn’t that serious, it should be resolved, or else you may want to contact a professional.

2. Skyworth TV Not Connecting to WI-FI

Wi-Fi connectivity issues are extremely popular with smart TVs. 

If you face this issue with your Skyworth TV, the first thing is to restart your TV and router. This would resolve if there is some temporary glitch or a bug. 

Secondly, you should put all your Wi-Fi settings on the TV to default or perform a reset to your Skyworth TV. 

Hopefully, this will resolve the issue. If not, then you must check for the respective cables if they are connected properly and do not have any physical damage.

There is one more thing you can look for. Usually, routers have a limit of devices that can possibly connect to that network at a single time. 

You may try disconnecting other devices from the network if many devices are connected. After that, try connecting the TV again.

3. Black Screen Problem

If you see a completely black screen when you turn on your TV, there might be a minor defect in the display. There can be a damaged cable or simply loosely connected cords. 

You must inspect the power cord and look if there is any fault. To fix the black screen, the simple solution is to restart the TV by disconnecting the power supply and reconnecting it after a few minutes.

If this does not work, then you must contact customer service for their assistance.

4. There Is Sound but No Picture

If you can hear some sound coming from the TV when you play it but not the picture, the faulty backlight is the first thing to be suspected. 

However, before calling a technician to replace the backlight, you must check the cable connections too. 

Make sure that the video cable is firmly connected to its respective port. There is usually a yellow cable for video. On the side or back of your TV, look for it and ensure that there is no fault in it.

5. Skyworth TV Is Turning on and Off

If this is the behavior of your Skyworth TV, there might be some issue occurring in the device’s cooling system.

When the cooling system ceases to function properly, the overheating causes this automatic shutting down. 

If that is the case, you will need a technician to look for it and perform a suitable action to troubleshoot this.

Apart from this, there is a possibility that the TV is not getting the required power supply. Check your power source and see if it meets the requirement of your Skyworth TV.

6. Picture Without Sound

Watching TV without sound is not at all enjoyable. If you get this problem with your Skyworth TV, you might have accidentally put the TV on mute without knowing it. Just check for it and increase the volume. 

If this is not the case, then the next thing to do is to check whether the audio cables are firmly plugged into their respective audio jacks. Moreover, put your sound settings to default and then restart the TV.

If still, the problem persists, you must first test the TV’s built-in speakers before seeking any professional help. 

You can do this by pairing up a set of external speakers and checking if the sound comes out of them.

If yes, then that’s the fault of the TV’s speakers. And if not, there must be some other hardware issue that needs to be looked at by a technician. 

7. TV Is Showing No Signal

If you get this error, the first thing to do is to check for the HDMI cable connections. 

  •  At the back of your TV, look for the HDMI port where the video cable is plugged in.
  •  Each HDMI port has a label on it. Look for it.
  •  When you are done, on your remote, tap on the source
  •  There, select HDMI and change the source to the one your Video cable is plugged into.

Apart from this, if this does not work, you can always restart the TV or perform a soft reset to the TV to get rid of any temporary bugs.

8. Skyworth TV Not Responding to Remote

TV not responding to the remote can be way too frustrating. If you face this issue, the first thing to be done is to replace the batteries of the remote with fresh ones. 

You can try this procedure too:

  • Put the batteries out of the remote.
  • Turn off your Skyworth TV by directly unplugging the main power cord from the wall socket.
  • Wait for at least a minute. Don’t be impatient!
  • After a minute. Plugin the power cord and wait till the display occurs on the screen.
  • Now put the batteries of your remote back in and see if the remote works now.

9. Skyworth TV Not Reading USB

Any damage to the USB port would never let a USB connection to the TV. If you try to connect a USB to the Skyworth TV and it doesn’t read it, you must check for the status of the US port. 

Try to clear if there is any dust built-up in the port and firmly connect the USB.

Besides, if your TV’s software isn’t updated yet, make sure you do it because this might also be the reason behind the TV not detecting the USB.

How to reset Skyworth TV

Here is how you can reset your Skyworth TV:


Problems occur with all TVs of all brands. If the issue is not a serious one, you can fix it on your own with a little bit of knowledge. 

If you are already a Skyworth TV user or thinking of getting one, we hope this article has helped you to some extent. Problems with Skyworth TV are quite similar to the issues we see with other TVs too. 

Hopefully, the explanation we gave about the Skyworth TV problems proved to be helpful for you.

Let us know in the comments what you think about Skyworth TVs. We would love to read them! And stay hooked for more such interesting and helpful content!

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  1. After an update my Skywoth Android Smart TV is frozen on the Android Recovery screen. After unplugging several times the screen is still frozen and i cant select “Try again” nor “factory data reset” What must I do?

    • If your Skyworth Android Smart TV is frozen on the Recovery screen, try a forced restart (hold the power button for 15-20 seconds). Make sure your remote batteries are fresh. Unplug any external devices. Check your TV manual for specific button combinations to navigate the recovery screen. If all else fails, contact Skyworth support as it could be a hardware issue.

  2. Skyworth Tv Box leap s1 not connected to Tv,The box is on and connect but its not projected on the Tv.
    HDMI cable working on other things.

  3. For some reason my TV doesn’t pick up any Bluetooth devices including its remote. I can’t even pair the TV with my audio devices.


  5. I have sky worth 50 inches,every things functioning well but can’t show the screen.if i used the light isee the picture is also working

  6. I have sky worth 50 inches,every things functioning well but can’t show the screen.if i used the isee the picture is also working

  7. Not very helpful most of your suggestions. Please read it again very slowly especially the USB issue. I have a 32 inch. The size of the USB stick, is it a extra USB hard drive, how must it be formatted? Etc. Also space issue. Call a child to fit it.
    Ethernet port – not enough space. Be very careful or you will have to buy an extra cable.
    There is more. But first solve the USB issue.

  8. Tride to install ‘Amazon Prime’ on Skyworth LED TV 50″ through Google play but the message appeared that TV is not compatible with this channel.

  9. I have a 12 volt 19″ Skyworth TV on my sailboat. It has worked well for years. Lately the picture will be on but no sound and then the picture will go off along with the red power light. If I turn off the breaker then turn it back on the TV will come back on but only for a short time. After the TV had been off over night I turned it on and it worked well for an hour until I turned it off. This kind of problem is re-occurring lately. Is this fixable?

  10. I’ve had this TV for about a week and have encountered some issues. 1) TV not responding to remote 2) TV app HBO Max froze on loading screen after renewing my subscription. I will say the display is awesome and customer service is super friendly and patient


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