Ouai Shampoo Review – Is It Sulfate-Free?

We all know that looks matter a lot in body presentation, and when we talk about body presentation, then hair captures all the attention. All of us want healthy, glossy, dandruff-free, or shiny coats.

Many hair care products are available for people looking to make their hair shiny. But finding the best products can be tricky.

However, Ouai is one of those brands that we just can’t live without. It is affordable, effective, and they take customer service seriously. So when the opportunity came up to test the new Ouai Shampoo, we jumped at it.

So, In our in-depth Ouai Shampoo review, we will show you if this is a bad shampoo brand or worth the money.

Ouai Shampoo Review

Ouai shampoo review

I tried my best to collect all the valuable information about this brand. I have been using shampoo for this brand for a month to write an honest review.

I also read reviews of people from different markets and gathered all the pros and cons of the Ouai shampoo.

Brief Intro of Ouai Shampoo

In 2016 Ouai brand was established in the USA. Jen Atkin is the founder of this brand. He is an entrepreneur, a hairstylist, and a columnist.

Ouai comes from the French word “Oui” it’s a collaboration of vowels words; its meaning is ‘yes.’ Pronunciation of the word Ouai is “way.” Ouai is a haircare brand, and its founder Jen Atkin is a well-known hairstylist.

He made products to keep considerations of the problem of hairs in mind. Ouai is a luxury brand and has continued to grow since 2016.

Ouai claims that its products are sulfate-free and paraben-free, safe for dyed hairs. This brand also claims that its products are gluten-free, SLS free and its packaging is recyclable.

What else is the best they provide us? According to the brand, their shampoo gives hairs keratin-like looks, makes them soft, glassy, removes dirt particles, and makes them shiny.

But, despite so many things, Is this worth buying or not? That’s what my review will be all about.

Now we are ready to give you a detail about Ouai shampoo. Below is the list of well-known shampoo of this brand, what I think about them, and what customers think.

Let’s get started…

1. Ouai Medium Hair Shampoo Review:

Ouai medium hair shampoo is super moistening with no sulfate and paraben that nourishes the scalp with coconut oil and babassu.

The brand claims that it makes coats soft from tips to the radicles, adds shine, and strengthens hair with keratin. I use this shampoo; yes, it gives my hair a thick volume.

However, Ouai Medium Hair Shampoo controlled frizz in my thick curly hair. When I wash my hair, it looks glossy on the first day, but it seems like it scorched the next day. But, the fragrance is a bit strong; maybe you like it. However, I wouldn’t say I wanted it; it was a Lil bit harsh.

Despite this, it helps to thicken your hairs, gives a suitable volume to your follicles, and a natural texture. No side effects for expecting ladies. Not ideal for everyone.

2. Ouai Detox Shampoo Review:

Ouai detox shampoo cleans oil, dirt and gives hair a supernatural, glowing, soft, and refreshed look. Apple cider vinegar is used to form this product that cleans the scalp ad nourishes the radicles. This product is produced without the use of sulfates and phthalates.

Best ingredients used in its formation which nourishes the scalp, strengthen and condition the hairs, no side effects for color-treated hairs, but we wouldn’t recommend it’s excessively used. It should not be used more than 2 to 3 times per week.

No doubt a good shampoo works the same as the brand claims. About 90% of people found the terrific result.

3. Ouai Fine Hair Shampoo Review:

The shampoo its-self says that “it’s fine.” so Let’s discuss it’ll be fine to buy it or not?

All others that are discussed in this one are also sulfate-free. Ouai brand claims that it gives life to thin or flat hairs; it strengthens the coats with keratin.

It comes with a light and pleasing aroma. Some people say it works the same as the description written on it, and some don’t like it because they don’t get results after using it. Light-weighted shampoo, consistency is not too thick. Not suitable for everyone.

Frequently Asked Question:

Which Ouai Shampoo Works Excellent?

According to my point of view and the user’s feedback, I read on different market place Ouai detox shampoo is the best one. It works amazingly and gives an excellent result. The results inspired me I found after using it, made my hair smooth, glassy and removed all dullness. But, unfortunately, I can’t use it twice a day because apple cider vinegar is used in its formulation.

Is Ouai Shampoo worth buying?

Ouai shampoo gives a volume to hairs and makes them soft but not suited to everyone. Ouai detox shampoo is the best one and fulfills all its requirements. And yes, we can say it’s worth buying. However, keep in mind that not every shampoo is made for every hair; that’s why before buying, read the reviews about that brand or that shampoo and read the description written on the packaging of the shampoo.

Is Ouai Shampoo secure?

Yes, it’s 100% safe and secure with no side effects. Pregnant ladies can also use this. Its formulation is free from sulfate and paraben. People with dyed hair can also use it; they have keratin that helps prevent split ends and roughness.

Pros & Cons of Ouai Shampoo:

What we like:

  • Its formulation is sulfate-free.
  • It gives volume and texture to hairs.
  • No side effects
  • It makes hair soft and glassy.

What we don’t like:

  • Not suit for everyone.
  • Strong aroma
  • It doesn’t lather up well


These were the all products of Ouai shampoo that we discussed above. You will select the best shampoo of this brand according to your hair choice. Many users found promising results in this brand because of its good quality.

When our team tried to gather reviews about this brand, we saw many people’s claims about the high price of products. However, the high price is off its high quality.

As we see, fake products of many brands are circulating in the market. So, make sure about the genuine product while you’re buying. I hope after reading Ouai Shampoo Review you will find the right shampoo for your hair.

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