Midea Washing Machine Problems & Troubleshooting

Midea is a Chinese manufacturer of appliances in the world. And the company is not without its share of problems.

Some of them can be really expensive to fix, especially if the warranty on your appliance has expired.

But you don’t need to worry because our team of experts has been on the same frustrating journey as you, so we have compiled a list of the most common Midea washing machine problems and their solutions.

Midea Washing Machine Problems


Midea Washing Machine Problems

Here are the most common Midea Washer Problems with complete troubleshooting tips.

1. Midea Washer Not Draining:

This is the most common washer problem that occurs in all brands of washing machines. It is caused by a blockage in the drain hose or the drain pipe.

So, if you don’t clean out the drain at least once every month, it will get clogged with limescale or other solid particles which can cause your washing machine to malfunction. A clogged drain will cause your washing machine to run longer than usual or even stop functioning.

To fix this problem, you should unclog the drain line using a plumbing snake or a screwdriver. You should also check whether there is any blockage in the washing machine itself.

If there is none, then try pouring a cup of water into the drum to make sure the water drains out completely. If it still doesn’t drain, call an appliance repairman immediately. You may need to get a new washer.

2. Washer Leaking Water:

This is one of the most frustrating and annoying Midea Washing Machine Problems. It usually occurs due to a damaged drain hose or the hose getting kinked.

If the leaking continues for more than two days, it can cause serious damage to the internal parts of the washer.

To fix this problem, you can first try to shut off the water supply to the washing machine and then turn it on again. If that doesn’t work, then you should look for a leaky faucet or pipe in your house. If you find one, then you should fix it immediately.

A leaking washing machine can lead to the formation of mold and mildew in your house. This problem can be really expensive to fix, so it is better to call for professional help as soon as possible.

3. Washing Machine Overheats Up:

Washing machines can overheat in different ways. The most common reasons are:

Too much load on the machine: Washing machines usually take a few minutes to warm up, so if you are using them for the first time, you should try to avoid putting a lot of clothes in the machine.

Wrong operation of the machine: If your washer runs for a long time, the water level in the drum may not rise to the maximum capacity. Also, if you use an old or damaged belt, it can cause a lot of heat inside the machine.

Leaking drain hose: If the washing machine is leaking water, then it will get hotter than usual. It is because of the loss of water.

The overheating problem also occurs because the thermostat in the washer is malfunctioning. The washer will continue to operate even though the water is not wet anymore. In some cases, this can damage the motor and cause it to burn out.

To fix this problem, you should disassemble the washer and check whether the temperature control knob is properly connected to the thermostat. You may need an appliance repairman’s help.

4. Washing Machine Not Starting:

This problem usually occurs due to a defective electrical cord or an electrical fault in your home’s wiring. If the washer is plugged into an outlet that has an electrical malfunction, then it won’t get started.

Similarly, if the washer is connected to an electrical cord that is frayed or damaged, then it will also not start.

To fix this problem, you should first unplug the washer from the outlet and then check whether the breaker that powers the washing machine is turned off.

If it isn’t, then flip the breaker back on. If that doesn’t work, then try using a new electrical cord to connect the washer to the outlet. If all of these attempts fail, then contact an appliance repairman immediately. 

5. Loud Noise During Cycle: 

This Midea Washing Machine Problem occurs when the washer vibrates too much while it is running. In this case, you should make sure that the washing machine is balanced properly.

Also, if you have put a lot of weight in the washer, then it may be causing the noise. It may also occur due to a broken motor, belt, or other parts.

To fix this problem, you should first remove the basket from the washer and check whether it has any loose screws. If there are, then you should tighten them.

After that, you should check the water level in the drum and the drain hose to see whether they are in their right position. If they are, then the washer is balanced properly. If not, then call for professional help.


So, those are the five most common Media Washing Machine problems that can occur. However, these are only the major problems.

There are many other problems that can occur in a washing machine too, but these are the ones that are very likely to occur. And, if you know about these problems, then you will be able to fix your machine easily.

You should check your washing machine periodically to make sure that they are working properly. This way, you will be able to identify the early signs of a problem, and then you can take action before it is too late.

If you are still unable to figure out an issue and want help, please leave a comment so our team can help you.

23 thoughts on “Midea Washing Machine Problems & Troubleshooting”

  1. My top loader just wants to rinse and drain, i get error. I open fix clothing and start and drain and rinse again. Even if i start over it just does that.

  2. My Midea front load washer is not working. I have to push the power butter literally thousands of times for the lights to come on. “i have little success in changing the settings, and then the start button doesn’t engage. The timer runs the time out, but the washer doesn’t clean the clothes, or even run water. I have exhausted everything I know to try. Any suggestions?

  3. during the operation of the washing machine we experienced power interuption. when the electricity is okey the machine i operate again but the power not ON

    • Hi Ellen,

      I hope you are doing great!
      When there is a power outage, a washing machine that has a mechanical timer will halt its cycle and restart it when the power is restored. Electronic controls on newer washers may or may not “remember” what they were doing when the power went off. They could need to be reset and restarted depending on how they were designed.

  4. My Midea 50 is leaking from underneath. The external hoses are not punctured and never have been kinked. So what’s causing the leak? The pump hose?

    • Hi,

      These are often caused on by leaking internal washing machine drain hoses or a hole in the water pump. If the leak persists despite your efforts on a regular basis, it is preferable to see a specialist. Therefore, have a local washing machine repairman’s phone number handy in case of an emergency.

  5. Hi there, thank you in advance. My washing machine is not turning on. The original fuse is rated 3A and i replaced it with the same one but it still wouldnt turn on. The plug itself stated that it uses 13A fuse but the original one, that i tooked out from the plug, was a 3A fuse. Tried to see if the extension plug is the issue but nope. Hope you can help rectify the issue

  6. we have just had a brand new midea washing machine installed today and it is making very loud knocking noises i don’t dare try to fix it myself, it looks like the drum is wonky as it isn’t spinning smoothly, and when i place my hands upon the top of it, it feels like something is loose and banging around inside?,

    • Hello John,

      I hope you are doing great!
      There’s a significant chance that some foreign material has gotten into your washer’s filter, in the rubber seal. Or is just spinning around in the drum if your washing machine is producing noises while spinning, notably a clanking or scratching sounds. Buttons, coins, bra wires, and similar objects are often at blame.

  7. Our top loader will only fill with water on the quick cycle. If we put it on any other cycle it just agitates with no water. Please help!!

  8. we have a front load Midea washer. It will refill with water after the cycle is done so, if you don’t go in and get your clothes out right away there get wet again. Do you have any idea what the fix might be?

    Thank you
    Ken Welch

  9. Our media washing machine instead of gathering water, it’s spinning first. Then it will stop spinning and we hear something but it’s not gathering watter from hose. How can we fix it? Thanks

    • Hello Je Ann,

      For optimal performance, your washing machine must be level and well-balanced on its feet. When operating, an imbalanced appliance will shake and rattle. Try moving the appliance back and forth and side to side. Your flooring or appliance’s feet may be uneven if it is often swaying.

  10. who can I get to work on my front load steam midea washing machine.
    Its still under warranty but they have no one available to repair it. Im in Savannah Ga

  11. My midea washing machine model mac160-s2002GPS/FM is not working even we clean inside properly. But it still not working even if u program a complete cycle.can u help us.

  12. media top load washing machine, spin dry is not functioning or working, what is the solution? thank you!

  13. Hi, I need help regarding my 12KG Midea Washing Machine. It is during the during the last cycle when its spinning to drain off the water from the clothes. It is very loud and falls off from the slightly elevated floor. Could you please send someone to repair it. Its about 2 years old. I cannot find my Warranty card. My Home phone no is : 66890102.
    my name is Ms. Naidu.
    My Address is : Blk 497J, Tampines Street 45, #10-76.
    Singapore : 527497.

    Thank You


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