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Mousepads are normally the most ignored component of your gaming setup. But the fact is, the right choice between a hard and soft mouse pad can help you get to the next level of gaming.

So, it is imperative to consider the type of mousepad that works well for your gameplay. But, the choice is highly dependent on the preference of a gamer and the type of game.

Hard vs Soft mousepads for gaming, which one is best for gaming?

For shooting or any other FPS game, speed is the key factor to aiming at people. A hard mouse pad offers you great speed while aiming due to the less friction between the mouse and pad.

On the other hand, soft mousepads tend to have more friction, and the aiming will not be as fast as on hard pads.

Check out the comparison between these two types for a better understanding.

Hard vs Soft Mouse Pad for Gaming

There are two types of mousepads: Hard and Soft. Both of them have their distinct qualities and provide different gaming experiences. Personal preference plays a vital role.

It depends on which mousepad type makes you feel better and comfortable when using it. Let’s compare both of them to help you in making the right decision.

1) Smoothness of the Surface

A hard mousepad has three different layers with polypropylene on the top, which makes it more rigid. Its surface is very slippery and barely bends. The smoothness of the surface will allow you to move the mouse really faster.

The soft mousepads are made of clothes and fabrics. Compared to its hard counterpart, it doesn’t have that much smoother surface.

You will experience some friction while moving the mouse around the pad, and it is not as faster as the harder one.

2) Control

In the beginning, you may face difficulties in controlling the speed and aiming with a hard mousepad. You might have to decrease the sensitivity of your mouse to use it effectively.

But after using it for a few days, you can learn the control and aim at the hard pad that will help you perform better in FPS games.

On the contrary, it is easier to control the mouse movement on the fabric mousepad. You can swing and aim precisely because of the resistance between the mouse and pad.

3) Cleaning

You can have big relief from cleaning hustle if you have a hard mouse pad. The hard plastic doesn’t absorb any grease or spill, as well as smudges.

On the other side, soft mousepads are susceptible to stains, dirt and easily absorb any junk or spill that falls on them.

Because of the solid surface, hard pads are easy to clean. You can easily wipe all the stains and dirt with a simple wash or wipe it with a wet cloth. For soft mousepads, the washing or cleaning struggle is real.

4) Size

This is another reason why soft pads are more popular. These pads are available in various sizes. You can purchase a large and short pad, depending on the available space on your gaming desk.

However, the hard pads come in a short size, which might concern some users. So, it has a limited amount of space for mouse movement.

While playing shooting games, it is better to have a wider area for the mouse movement in order to have better aiming and shooting angles.

5) Durability

Although both of them are considered durable, hard polycarbonate mousepads are more reliable.

Hard plastic is used in the manufacturing of these pads, so you can wash them without worrying about their longevity.

However, a softer pad starts wearing its edges if you try to wash them.

6) Pricing

There is not much difference in the prices of both mousepads. You can easily get a decent one at the lowest price.

However, the price can vary based on the brand and size of the pad you get.

So, Which Mousepad You should Buy?

Hard vs Soft Mouse Pad

If you are on an entry-level gaming or want something for regular work, you must go for the soft mousepad.

It offers you great control and precision because of the friction on the surface. Also, aiming is a lot easier with this mousepad.

But, if you like to play faster, a hard mouse would be a better option. It has a smooth and slippery surface, which helps you to aim quickly.

It is a top choice for shooter games because it offers you great speed with precision.

However, there is no predominant winner between them, and this choice largely depends on a gamer’s personal preference. So, you must try the one that suits your gaming style.

If you can afford it, try both of these options to get a better experience and find a perfect fit for your game style.

Frequently Asked Questions

What mousepad does Ninja use?

For gaming and streaming, Ninja uses the HyperX Fury Pro mousepad. It is a soft mousepad with a perfect balance between speed and control.

What mousepad does Shroud use?

For gaming and streaming, Shroud uses the Logitech G640 gaming mouse pad. It is a soft cloth gaming mouse pad and offers great precision while aiming.

What mousepad does Mongraal use?

Currently, Mongraal uses the Zowie G-SR-SE Red Custom mousepad for gaming and streaming. It is one of the smoothest gliding mousepads.

Does a gaming mouse pad make a difference?

Gaming mouse pad makes a difference since the comfort, size, and surface material can play a vital role in gameplay speed. Some pads have a resistant surface, which allows you better control and precision. Others have a smooth surface that offers you great speed while playing shooter games or multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA). If you are a gamer, a quality gaming mousepad is worth buying.


When it comes to gaming gears, the mousepads are the most overlooked component. The right gaming mousepad on your desk can play a vital role in improving your gameplay and the overall experience.

The choice of hard or soft mousepads depends on your preference. Soft mousepads can be used for gaming and everyday work. But a hard plastic mousepad is designed specifically for gaming to improve speed while maintaining accurate aims.

If you play FPS games like PUBG, CS:GO, Fortnite, Call of Duty, or any other battlefield game, you must go for a hard mouse pad.

Apart from mousepads, the gaming mouse also makes a difference. If you’re using the worst gaming mouse, it will most likely ruin your gameplay experience.

Quick Question: What mousepad do you prefer for gaming?

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