Basso Olive Oil Review 2024 – Is it Real & Pure?

Olive oil is one of those things that you don’t think about until you run out.

You go to the grocery store, see the big jugs of olive oil, and think, “Hey, I should get some of that stuff.”

But what do you look for when you’re picking out olive oil? What is the best type of olive oil to buy? That said, our search finds something called Basso Olive Oil.

This blog post will present you with a Basso Olive Oil Review guideline.

So whether you’re looking for a new cooking staple or want to learn more about this mysterious elixir, keep reading.

Basso Olive Oil Review

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Basso Olive Oil Review

Basso Extra Virgin Olive Oil is highly recommended if you are seeking high-quality olive oil in your kitchen.

A fragrant and somewhat spicy flavor is created when olives from Italy, Spain, and Greece are combined.

Basso Olive Oil is made from prime quality olives that are extracted without any addition of altered chemicals. On top of that, the pricing is fair concerning the quality provided.

However, some people may dislike it because of its age-related flavor or taste. Also, one or 2 products do not have a striking appearance, i.e., their color might not seem appetizing.

When it comes to everyday cooking, Basso Olive Oil is a safe bet, but it’s not necessarily the ideal choice for more delicate foods.

Things We Liked

  • Taste is fantastic
  • The smell is pleasant, just like a pure extra virgin olive oil
  • A solid texture with superb consistency
  • Flow properties are excellent

Things We Didn’t Like

  • The color of the olive oil is not appealing
  • Some people complain about the taste of the oil, especially the one near expiry.

Is Basso Olive Oil Real or Fake?

Yes, Basso Olive Oil is real. In fact, it’s made of olives from 3 countries: Italy, Greece, and Spain.

Also, the olives are not heated or extracted with chemicals to enhance their taste artificially.

They are manually pressed and filled in the bottles and supplied to you in their original packing.

Is Basso Olive Oil Pure?

Is Basso Olive Oil Pure

Yes, Basso Olive Oil is pure.

They use a blend of different oils that are also extracted from olives. The fact is Basso Olive Oil is one of the most highly sought-after extra virgin olive oils in Europe.

The olives are extracted within hours of being harvested to ensure that the oil retains all of its natural antioxidants and polyphenols. Not only does Basso Olive Oil taste great, but it’s also good for you.

Who Makes Basso Olive Oil?

Basso Fedele & Figli S.r.l. is an Italian company founded in 1904 by Felice Basso in Italy.

Basso Fedele & Figli specializes in producing extra virgin olive oil, and its oils are prized for their quality and flavor.

The company has won several awards, including BRC (British Retail Consortium) in 2001 and SA 8000 Ethical Standard Certification released by DNV.

Where is Basso Olive Oil Made?

Basso Olive Oil is made in Italy. However, their raw material comes from different countries, including Greece and Spain.

Is Basso Olive Oil Good?

Is Basso Olive Oil Good

Yes, Basso Olive Oil is good. It has a fruity, peppery flavor that fire-up your olfactory notes.

A good thing about this olive oil is that it is made of 5 types of olives (Arbequina, Hojiblanca, Ogliarola, Coratina, Koroneiki), so you don’t have to worry about its quality.

Apart, the company uses the cold-pressing technique to extract the oil from the olives without chemicals.

The cherry on the cake, Basso Olive Oil, has a high smoke point, meaning you can use it for frying without creating harmful toxins.

Basso Olive Oil Ingredients

The main ingredients of Basso Olive Oils are 5 different types of olives. It also contains some fats and herbs to enhance its antioxidant properties.

Basso Olive Oil Uses

It is ideal for use in a wide variety of culinary applications. It has a delicate flavor that enhances the natural flavors of foods without overpowering them.

This oil is also perfect for grilling or frying, as it has a high smoke point that makes it resistant to burning.

Additionally, the oil is enriched with antioxidants, making it a healthy cooking choice.

Finally, you can use oil to dress meat, vegetables, and fish. Also, you can cook soups and other side dishes with Basso Olive Oil.

Bottom Line

The final bits and pieces are that Basso Olive Oil is made of 5 different olives from Italy, Spain, and Greece. It is one of the most popular extra virgin olive oils in Europe.

The olives are pressed soon after harvest to keep the oil’s inherent antioxidants and polyphenols intact.

Several oils, all of which come from olives, are combined to make this combination. You can use this oil for both cooking and dressing purposes.

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  1. I am addicted to Olive oil. Born in Aix en Provence, to Italian immigrant, all cooking was made with olive oil. At this time (long ago) it was not necessary to be suspicious about the quality of the olive oil. Most Italian people were living next to each other. The shops were providing authentic Italian products. Fresh pasta was made every day, ravioli, etc..
    Today, anyone must be careful about the authenticity of any product. Very sad time.
    Mi chiamo BASSO, sono francese ma il mio cuore è italiano.


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