Monini Olive Oil Review – Is It Real & Healthy?

Key Takeaway: Monini olive oil is real and worth trying. It’s made with Italian olives, offers different flavor options, and is healthy. I’d definitely recommend giving it a try!

To make healthy food, one needs healthy ingredients. Oil is a basic necessity to cook any food, and when it comes to your health, there is no other oil as good as olive oil.

But choosing one can be a real hustle, especially when there are so many competitors and different types of olive oil available in the market. No worries anymore.

Today, in our Monini Olive Oil Review, we will let you know if this brand’s olive oil is credible or not.

Monini Olive Oil Review

Monini Olive Oil Review

First, let’s get to know about the brand itself.

About Monini:

The Monini Extra virgin olive oil was born in 1930, when Zefferino Monini, the then-founder of the company, turned his food business into making olive oils. The rest is history.

The beautiful olive trees which covered the Umbrian hills were the real inspiration behind this marvel.

Today, the company stands tall among its competitors. So, let’s find out whether their olive oil is worth the hype or not.

Monini Classico Extra Virgin Olive Oil:

The olives of Monino Classico EVOO are sourced from Italy, giving an authentic taste of Italian soil. The balanced hints and intense flavor make it unique.

You can also sense notes of fresh-cut grass. The first press within 24 hours of harvest helps retain the freshness and authenticity of olive oil.

Classico EVOO is packed with nutrients and energy. 100ml serving has 824kcal of power and 92g of fat, out of which 14g are saturated fats.

Its cholesterol-free characteristic makes it suitable for use by individuals who have cardiovascular problems.

It is good for cooking and frying because of its high smoke point, and it pairs well with salad dressings and bruschetta.

Granfruttato Extra Virgin Olive Oil:

It is considered the most demanded extra virgin olive oil and one of Monini’s best products. It has a unique, spicy, robust taste.

This is due to a significant content of polyphenols and antioxidants in the antioxidants aid against aging and maintain overall well-being.

The product comes with an IGP seal that confirms production and bottling in Modena, Italy.

Customers absolutely loved this one. It is also very pocket-friendly, making it accessible to everybody.

It works ideally with toasted loaves of bread. Your family will love a nice drizzle over your salad dressings. Vegetables and grilled dishes are also good options to pair them up with.

Delicato Extra Virgin Olive Oil:

A mild and lighter flavor distinguishes it from other olive oils of Monini. A softer and lighter taste is a perfect solution for those uncomfortable with aromatic and spicy flavors. Delicato has all the benefits associated with a typical olive oil.

The nutritional content is almost the same as we saw in Monini’s other flagship olive oils. As a result, it pairs up nicely with marinades, dips, and different Italian cuisines.

Customer Reviews:

Generically speaking, many people were happy with their reasonable prices. In addition, the people were delighted with its taste, aroma, and other benefits associated with this oil.

The glass bottle was another excellent trait that needs mentioning. Also, the IGP seal authentication approves the validity of this olive oil.

We recommend you buy it only from authentic suppliers because some people complained about receiving fake products and rancid oil. So please keep an eye out for them.

Is Monini Olive Oil Good?

Is Monini Olive Oil Any Good

Yes, Monini Olive oil is a solid choice! The brand offers a variety of extra virgin olive oils (EVOO) to suit different flavor preferences, ranging from the bold Classico to the milder Delicato.

Their commitment to using Italian olives and the IGP seal on some products indicates a focus on authenticity.

Like most EVOOs, Monini olive oil is packed with antioxidants and is cholesterol-free, contributing to heart health. Positive customer reviews highlight its taste, affordability, and quality.

But, it’s important to purchase from reliable sources to avoid any counterfeit products.

Overall, Monini olive oil is worthwhile for anyone seeking a tasty and healthy kitchen addition.

Final Words

Embark on a culinary journey with Monini’s olive oils, your gateway to Italy’s heart.

Whether you savor the zest of the Classico, the robust embrace of Granfruttato, or the gentle whisper of Delicato, there’s an essence to suit your palate.

Lauded for its irresistible taste and health benefits, Monini has delighted countless kitchens.

Let Monini be your trusted companion in weaving magic into your meals.

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  1. Whilst MONINI BRAND is a good one, I often worry about the time it is stored in Warehouses in Australia by the main distributor Woolworths. I have heard some stories that Imported Olive Oils can be well past prime by the time we take them of the shelf, I am not sure if production dates or best-by dates are on labels, makes you wonder sometimes.


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