7 Worst Ice Cream Flavors Of All Time – Unhealthy & Bad

“An ice cream a day keeps the tension away.” Wait! Wasn’t that an apple a day keeps the doctor away??? Whatever, for an ice cream lover like you, the first one is the most accurate statement.

It is said that there might be only a few problems that ice cream cannot fix.

No matter how sad you are, ice cream will instantly change your mood! However, a few of the worst ice cream brands and flavors might make you think otherwise.

The worst ice cream flavors based on taste are Garlic, Cactus, Chicken Wing, Curry, Lobster, Bacon, and Cotton Candy. These are unhealthy and bad.

Sounds Wierd? Let’s find out these flavors in detail.



Today, we have come up with some bad ice cream flavors that you might not have heard of. But they do exist.

The ice cream flavors we will discuss are not selected based on our personal preferences.

Instead, the list has been compiled by our experts based on feedback given by different ice cream enthusiasts.

List of Worst Ice Cream Flavors

So, without further ado, let’s dive straight into the 7 worst ice cream flavors that you might not even know exist.

1. Garlic Flavored Ice Cream

Garlic is one of those ingredients that you will find in every kitchen. What do you prefer using garlic in? Dishes, Salads, and that is it, right?

But, did you ever think that there would be one day when, out of nowhere, you’ll hear about ice cream with garlic in it?

There is no need to make that “Yuck” face. We were also shocked when we first heard about this flavor. No one would have thought about adding garlic to their ice cream.

Well, don’t get us wrong. There is no problem in using garlic ONLY if you are using it in the proper context. One thing is for sure: using it as an “Ice Cream” is not the appropriate context at all.

Imagining an ice cream with such a strong flavor and taste is nothing but a nightmare.  This ice cream flavor has made it to our list of worst ice cream flavors ever.

2. Cactus Flavor

CACTUS” like seriously??? The name itself would leave one wondering what the person would be thinking while making this ice cream.

Who in their right state of mind would taste a cactus unless they would like to be pricked everywhere?

To your utter shock, some people dared to taste this ice cream. As per their saying, this ice cream tastes like a mix of smoothie and ice cream with a bit of stickiness of the collagen produced by cactus. 

But one thing is for sure: this would have been one of the biggest regrets of their life. No matter how good it tastes, we are sure the name itself is enough to scare one out.

Bad Ice Cream flavors

3. Chicken Wing

It would be a big fat lie if one says they don’t like chicken unless they are vegetarian.

Whether you steam it, boil it, deep fry it, or air fry it, chicken is a good food choice.

But what if we tell you you can also have chicken as ice cream? You would be like, “What do you think I am? Crazy??”

You’re not, but the person who made this ice cream definitely was. This flavor is for sure one of the weirdest ice cream flavors ever. Therefore, it is number 3 on our list of worst-flavored ice creams.

You may like to know the following:

4. Curry Flavored Ice Cream

So, the next bad ice cream flavor we have here is the CURRY flavored ice cream.

What would this ice cream taste like sour, sweet, or spicy? The whole idea behind making this ice cream was vague.

Now, there is no explanation of why someone would make an ice cream curry-flavored.

Only God knows what came to their mind when they did this weird experiment.

The person who made this bad ice cream flavor was either bored or crazy that he came up with such a flavor (no disrespect to the food, but we can’t help it).

Ice Cream flavors to Avoid

5. Lobster Flavor

If you’re a seafood lover, this flavor might shock you. What do they mean by lobster ice cream? Most probably, ice cream with lobster in it. Right?

Well, it might sound funny, but that is actually what you’ll find in it, “Pieces Of Cooked Lobster.”

It is an excellent flavor, but only if you have the guts and are adventurous enough to try this ice cream.

The only word we can come up with while describing this ice cream flavor is GROSS!

6. Bacon Flavored Ice Cream

Bacon and ice cream are two completely different foods and almost everyone’s favorite.

But what exactly was the need to experiment on these two? What came to your mind, Heston, that you decided to make this flavor?

Why ruin these two foods by combining, sorry, SMASHING them together when they taste so good separately?

This flavor is one of the worst ice cream flavors ever, but you might be shocked when we tell you that this flavor is served as dessert in many restaurants. 

Don’t worry; we know how painful it is to go to your favorite restaurant, open the menu, and there it is in the dessert section: Bacon Ice Cream. It is nothing but a “Pure Torture.”

7. Cotton Candy

Who doesn’t love cotton candy? Ever since we were children, this has been our favorite. Whether you’re a child or an adult, cotton candy is something that you would love.

The way this airy, fluffy, and sticky substance dissolves the moment you put it in your mouth is nothing but heaven.

But, someone decided to come up with an ice cream in the flavor of cotton candy. What was the need to do so?

The beauty of cotton candy is that we can pull it apart and eat it with our hands. But would we be able to do that with this ice cream? We all know the answer.

So, overall, this ice cream flavor is a “BIG NO.”


So, these were a few of the worst ice cream flavors based on the feedback given by many ice cream lovers out there.

 From seeing small pieces of lobster in the ice cream to the ice cream with the garlic flavor, we know it might have been torture.

But, to our dismay, these ice cream flavors do exist. If you are a fan of adventures, we recommend you try these flavors out. Otherwise, STAY AWAY from these.

So, which ice cream flavor did you find worst of all?

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  1. I think a few people might be suprised or disgusted at my opinion (which i have no idea why, because this is literally the best flavour out of all on the list…uhhh you knowww my opinion) but I absolutely ADORE cotton candy flavour ice cream! Its so sweet and creamy kinda fluffy and delightful for me! ☆ I was a bit surprised when this flavour was on the list, but am glad that its at the bottom of it!

  2. Durian. The Durian fruit is popular in China. Non-Chinese are not culturally prepared for the unusual flavor, which struck me as tasting like an ashtray.


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