Smallest OLED TVs in 2024 – Are These Worth Buying?

All the TVs might look exactly the same, but the technology that makes up TVs is entirely different.

OLED TVs use emissive technology, which means the pixel makes its own light. OLED TVs can light each pixel with the help of emission technology, hence giving a more prominent result.

The Top 3 smallest OLED TVs in 2024 are LG C2 OLED TV 42-inches, Sony BRAVIA XR A90k 42-inches & Philips 806 OLED TV 48-inches.

Smallest OLED TVs

OLED TVs are the benchmark for watching movies and playing games. They are a better option if you are a movie or game lover. You can enjoy your videos in high pixels and better quality.

Today, we will discuss the smallest OLED TVs and their features and specifications.

Smallest OLED TVs

Below are the three smallest OLED TVs, and we will discuss each one in detail.

  • LG C2 OLED TV 42-inches
  • Sony BRAVIA XR A90k 42-inches
  • Philips 806 OLED TV 48-inches

1. LG 42-inches C2 OLED TV Review

LG 42-inches C2 OLED TV Review

LG OLED Evo technology is making its way to the C-series, which is brighter, has 4k resolution, is perfect as a desktop monitor, and will be the smallest OLED TV.

LG has considered people for smaller living arrangements, giving them quality watches.

The LG C2-inch is a dream come true moment for gamers anxiously waiting for it. This will be perfect for gaming monitors and a bedroom TV.

The general specifications of the LG C2 42-inch gamer TV are:

Marketing NameOLED Evo
Special featuresOLED EVO, Game optimizer
Wi-Fi, BluetoothAvailable
Wall mountableYes (Visa Compatible)
USB Ports3
Display technologyWOLED panel, 4k resolution, [4 x 2.1] HDMI, Alpha9-5 processor, 100/120 Hz frequency, ALLM, CEC, HGiG, HFR, HDMI VRR
Audio formatsSpeakers, HDMI ARC eARC, Dolby Audio
Video formatsMPEG4/2, HEVC, VP9,-2, AVI
HDR formatsHDR10, HLG, Dolby Vision IQ

LG C2 42-inch OLED TV Release Date

The most awaited LG C2 model is yet to hit the market but has already gained popularity due to its features and most wanted size. It may have been delayed, but the good news is that it is on its way.

LG C2 Screen Size

C-series is the most popular mainstream series.

The new 42-inch screen size represents the smallest WRGB OLED TV so far, which will be very appealing for gamers and those who don’t have room to accommodate a larger display.

It has the most advanced alpha 9 generation 5-processor.


LG knows that most of the users of this TV will be gamers and will use it as a monitor.

That is why LG implemented a pair of feet that prop the panel up higher than the usual slope stand on other C-series OLEDs.

It will create space for the keyboard and mouse beneath the screen.

Reasons to avoid

No comments because it is not available in markets yet.



With the newly launched Sony Bravia XR, you can have an immersive gaming experience. Its cognitive intelligence gives you the best visual and sound quality.

It has a wide range of color spectrum and high-definition resolution. It is the first launched 42-inch OLED TV. XR motion features process smooth, fast-moving actions. It is recommended as a desktop monitor.

The general specifications of the SONY BRAVIA XR A90K 42-inches gamer TV are:

Year4 Jan 2022
DesignFlat stands available
Marketing NameOLED XR42A90K/ Master XR
Special featuresUpscaling, Dolby Vision 4, IMAX Enhanced 5, XR OLED motion, MPEG4/2, HEVC, VP9-2, AV1 decoding.
Wi-Fi, BluetoothAvailable
Wall mountable Yes
USB Ports3
Display technologyWOLED panel, 4k resolution, 2.1 HDMI, Cognitive processor,120 Hz frequency,
Audio formatsSpeakers, Acoustic surface audio +, Acoustic center sync, Voice zoom, Dolby Atmos, Dolby Digital AC-3, E-AC-3, AC-4, DTS
Video formatsUpscaling, Dolby vision 4, IMAX Enhanced 5, XR OLED motion, MPEG4/2, HEVC, VP9-2, AV1 decoding.
HDR formatsHDR10, HLG, Dolby vision

Ambient-optimization Pro

With this feature, Bravia CAM, CMU BC1 varies by region. You can experience ideal sound from anywhere. It locates your sitting position and optimizes it accordingly.

Content up-scaling and Voice Zoom

With Sony Bravia XR A90K, you can enjoy quality video content. Cognitive process technology helps to recreate the lost texture and gives you a real-world experience.

The Voice Zoom feature enhances the audio quality even if it is difficult to hear. You do not need to increase volume.


Bravia XR has a metal flush surface, which gives you an immersing experience in your favorite game or movie. Like LG C2, it is also made keeping gamers in mind.

It can be the best fit as a desktop monitor with available stands and adjustable positions. It was beautifully designed and launched recently and hit markets successfully.

Reasons to avoid

  • Expensive

3. Philips 806 OLED TV 48-inches

Philips 806 OLED TV 48-inches

Philips 806 OLED TV is a fifth-generation conventional OLED TV that has outstanding picture quality. Due to its 48-inch size, it is also quite liked among gamers.

Philips 806 has a full 4k 120 Hz resolution and 444- chroma, but it can only achieve in monitor mode.

After LG and Sony 42 inches OLED TVs, it is most recommended for small living and a better gaming experience.

The general specifications of the Philips 806 48-inch OLED TV are:

DesignFlat stands available
Marketing NameOLED 806
Special featuresAndroid TV, Google TV,
Wi-Fi, BluetoothAvailable
Wall mountable Yes
USB Ports3
Display technologyLG panel, 4k resolution, 2.1 HDMI anti-burn, P5 Ai technology, 120 Hz frequency,
Audio formatsSpeakers, Dolby Atmos, Dolby Digital Plus, eARC/ARC
Video formatsMPEG4/2, HEVC, VP9,-2, AVI
HDR formatsHDR10, HLG, Dolby Vision, HDR10+

Anti-burning Technology

Philips 806 has implemented a number of countermeasures, such as a screen saver pixel shifting to avoid burning the screen, which can be a common issue in many OLED brands.


Philips 806 OLED TV is designed in beautiful two-toned colors. It has a flat design, and Philips provides the stands to make it a desktop monitor anytime. It has a very stylish and sleek look.

Reasons to avoid

  • Sound can be improved
  • Difficult to adjust pixels and best quality screen
  • Complicated menu

Why is OLED Better?

OLED is much better than LCD due to its energy efficiency, brighter display, and better contrast ratio.

However, the price of OLED screens is also higher compared to LCDs. Still, this difference is expected to decrease over time.


Here are the benefits of OLED TVs: 

  • Energy efficiency: The screen brightness of an OLED TV is around 1,000 nits, which is more efficient than that of an LCD TV (around 200-250 nits).
  • Better picture quality: The picture quality of OLED TVs is much better than LCD TVs. The picture on OLED TVs is bright and sharp. There are no dark lines or grainy details. The resolution of OLED TVs is 4K, and they support high dynamic range (HDR) formats.
  • Better viewing angle: OLED TVs offer wider viewing angles than LCD TVs. As a result, you can view a movie on a big screen from a distance. The viewing angle of the OLED TV is about 170 degrees, while the viewing angle of the LCD TV is about 80 degrees. Larger display size – The biggest benefit of an OLED TV is its display size.
  • Brighter color Longer life: Because OLED TVs do not use backlights, there are no burn-in issues, and they last longer. The screen on an OLED TV lasts more than 15 times longer than a comparable LCD TV.
  • Better sound quality: The sound quality on the OLED TV is better due to the speaker design. The speakers on an OLED TV are positioned at the sides, allowing them to better capture and amplify sound.
  • Screen burn: Another benefit of OLED TVs is that they do not suffer from screen burn, a common problem with LCD TVs.
  • Low-power consumption: OLED TVs also consume much less power than LCDs.


OLED TVs have some disadvantages: 

  • Higher prices than LCDs: OLED TVs are much more expensive than LCD TVs. This difference in cost will decrease over time.
  • Too big display size: One of the biggest drawbacks of OLED TVs is the size. It’s difficult to view a big screen from a short distance.
  • Complicated menu: Some of the best-known companies, like Samsung, make a confusing user interface. In addition, there are many issues with the picture quality.
  • Difficult to adjust pixels and best quality screen: This is one of the biggest problems with OLED TVs

Are Small OLED TVs Worth It?

Are Small OLED TVs Worth it

Yes, an OLED TV is an excellent option for your home or office. They offer superior brightness, contrast, and colors than other LED TVs.

But if you’re considering this for your home, then make sure you research the type of OLED TV you’re interested in.

There are several different types of OLEDs, and their differences are significant.

Consequently, they also have different prices. The main thing you need to know is how much space you want your OLED TV to occupy. 

Our Verdict:

Due to their high demand, many of the smallest OLED TVs are hitting the markets with the latest and most advanced technologies and resolutions.

OLED screens have become a very popular trend. They are much more energy-efficient than LCDs, have a better contrast ratio, and deliver a richer color.

Various factors influence the price of an OLED TV. This includes the size of the screen and the resolution.

The best option is to buy an OLED TV when it becomes available at a lower price. 

I hope you liked this article. Please let me know if you have any questions or feedback about my content; I appreciate your support.

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