Shea Moisture Shampoo Review – Is it Good & Safe?

It gets really difficult to decide whether to buy a product or not when the product has gotten a lot of mixed reviews. 

Shea Moisture Shampoo is one of them. Some customers absolutely love it, while others complain so much about the new formula.

But no worries. We have got you all covered. Our team has researched and practically tested the product to provide you with the best Shea Moisture Shampoo review.

If you want to know more about Shea Moisture Shampoo or are just confused about whether to buy the shampoo or not, this review is exactly what you need. So, make sure to read on.

Quick Overview: Shea Moisture Shampoo is ideal for 3A-4C hair. It is sulfate-free and cruelty-free, but the new formula may not suit everyone. Worth trying for dry hair.

Shea Moisture Shampoo Review

Shea Moisture Shampoo Review

Shea Moisture Shampoo is a sulfate-free shampoo that works well on hair types 3A to 4C.

The shampoo is mainly targeted toward dry and damaged hair, which needs to be restored and transitioned,

The shampoo consists of shea butter, sea kelp, and argan oil. These beneficial ingredients are to keep the hair deeply hydrated and completely nourished.

Also, the shampoo helps seal moisture to dehydrate hair strands and give a healthy look.

The best part about the manufacturing of Shea Moisture Shampoo is that it is cruelty-free and sustainably produced.

The brand claims the formula to be free of silicones, parabens, phthalates, mineral oil, or any petrolatum.

The shampoo has a really thick consistency, and just a little would be enough to cover your whole hair.

However, some customers believe it is unsuitable for thin hair but works great with thick, dry, and coarse hair.

To some people, the smell of shampoo matters a lot, and if you are one of those, then I must say that it’s not what you are looking for.

The shampoo smell is known to be earthy and woody, which you may find unpleasant.

Shea Moisture Shampoo New Formula: What’s the Truth?

You might have heard a lot or read many customer reviews about the new formulation of Shea Moisture Shampoo.

And now you must be wondering what the matter is. Don’t worry. Here, you will get all of your answers.

Shea Moisture recently changed its shampoo formula, and customers have no chill. Our research team has concluded that the shampoo is reformulated but not for the better.

Customers believe that the quality of the product is just running downhill. It is observed that the shampoo ingredients have been changed and are not suitable for many people.

Users have noticed that the new formula has a different color and texture.

The shampoo has lost its thick consistency, and its benefits are diluted. The product is said to be useless on coarse or kinky hair textures.

Comparing the ingredients list of the previous formula and the recent one, we see that the ingredients vastly differ.

The product still contains no sulfates, but there are many more filler ingredients in place of shea butter.

People believe that the brand has completely changed the product and disappointed its customers.

After much criticism, the brand responded by saying that the reformulation is done to make the shampoo look more like regular hair and cater to everyone.

The company clears out by saying that the ingredients tend to have different effects on hair, so the shampoo does not need to be suitable for everyone.

Reasons to Choose Shea Moisture Shampoo

Let us have a quick look at the features of the shampoo, which can help you find out whether it is suitable for you or not.

1. Cruelty-free

There aren’t many shampoos you will find to be cruelty-free. Luckily, Shea Moisture does not harm animals for the sake of the production of their shampoos.

2. Sulfate-free

Shea Moisture Shampoo is a hundred percent sulfate-free. The shampoo and all the products from Shea Moisture are always sulfate-free.

3. Restore damaged hair

The shampoo serves its main purpose of restoring naturally damaged hair. It also keeps hair well-hydrated all the time.

4. Sustainably produced

Shea Moisture products are known to be sustainably produced. The products’ packaging is made from recyclable materials and does not produce any waste.

The ingredients and sustainably sourced and are safe for the environment.

Is Shea Moisture Shampoo Safe for Color-Treated Hair?

Yes, based on customer reviews, the shampoo is entirely safe for color-treated hair.

As Shea Moisture aims to use natural ingredients and beneficial oils, they make sure that the shampoo is safe for colored hair.

We understand that this is the major concern of people having colored hair, but you do not need to worry about it while using Shea Moisture Shampoo.

The shampoo won’t harm your color-treated hair and will not fade your hair color. The customers are pretty satisfied with the ingredients for their color-treated hair.

Is Shea Moisture Shampoo Good for Dry Hair?

The brand claims it to be highly effective for dry hair. However, a few customers have observed that the shampoo is drying out their hair.

Shea Moisture Shampoo contains different kinds of heavy oils and a huge amount of Shea Butter.

These ingredients can have a drying effect on some low-porosity hair types. Customers complained that the hair cuticles were lying flat after usage.

The shampoo seems to be unsuitable for fine and wavy hair. Shea Moisture Shampoo might be too heavy for your hair if your hair is of this type.

Your hair might look weighed-down, greasy, and over-conditioned.

Some users have also noticed that the product builds up on your hair and scalp. You might need to rinse the shampoo more thoroughly, or it will linger on your hair.

Moreover, the shampoo also causes waxy-coated texture or forms tangles on some types of hair.

Users also mentioned that they noticed the hair had become less oily after using the shampoo. This is good for people having oily hair.

Pros and Cons of Shea Moisture Shampoo

Now that we have discussed a lot about Shea Moisture Shampoo let us have a quick glance at the pros and cons of this shampoo.


  • Sulfate-free
  • Sustainable production
  • Restore damaged hair
  • Keep the hair hydrated
  • Made up of high-quality natural ingredients
  • Cleans hair thoroughly
  • Leaves hair soft and shiny with a fuller appearance
  • Safe for color-treated hair


  • The brand does not offer returns.
  • The new formula is found to be unpleasing.
  • Not suitable for all hair types


Shea Moisture Shampoo is a sulfate-free, cruelty-free, and sustainably produced shampoo that promises to hydrate and nourish dry and damaged hair.

Although some customers complain about the new formula, the shampoo is still suitable for color-treated hair.

It is still a safe option for those who are conscious of animal testing and environmental sustainability.

The shampoo is suitable for everyone, but its benefits make it worth considering for those looking to restore their damaged hair.

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