How To Unlock Your Samsung Washer Door: Expert Guide

Imagine that you’ve just started a load of laundry, and suddenly, you remember that you forgot to add a crucial item.

You rush to the washing machine, only to find the door locked and won’t budge, no matter what you do.

Panic sets in as you wonder how to unlock your Samsung washing machine door without damaging it. Don’t worry, you’re not alone, and there is a solution.

In this guide, we will walk you through the different reasons your Samsung washer door is locked and provide step-by-step instructions on unlocking it before and after cycles.

Say goodbye to Samsung washer problems and hello to a smooth laundry experience.

Quick Fix: Unlock Samsung Washer Door by pausing the cycle, deactivating Child Lock, using Spin Only or Add Door function, or draining water by emergency drain hose.

5 Reasons Why Your Samsung Door Washer Locked

Getting familiar with the reasons behind your Samsung washer door lock is essential to ensure both your safety and the proper care of your clothes.

Let’s look at some common reasons your washing machine door can get stuck or locked.

Samsung Washer Door Locked

Washer Running a Cycle

During a wash cycle, the washer automatically locks the door as a safety precaution.

This is to prevent any water spillage or potential injuries that could occur if the door is opened mid-cycle.

The drum rotates at high speeds, and opening the door could result in the water splashing out or, worse, someone getting hurt by the spinning drum.

This automatic door lock feature ensures that the door remains securely closed until the cycle is complete and it is safe to open.

Child Lock Feature

The Child Lock feature is another essential reason for the Samsung washer door lock.

This function prevents children from accidentally opening the door or changing the washer settings during a cycle.

Activating the Child Lock feature will lock all the buttons on the control panel and the washer door until the feature is deactivated.

Samsung Washer Still Hot After a Cycle

After completing a cycle, especially one involving hot water, the washer’s interior will remain hot for a while.

The washer keeps the door locked until the interior cools to a safe temperature to prevent accidental burns or injuries.

This is an essential feature as it ensures that you, or any other user, do not accidentally touch the hot interior surfaces of the washer immediately after a cycle.

Add Door or Spin Only Function

Samsung washers come with several handy features, including the Add Door and Spin Only functions.

The Add Door feature allows you to pause the cycle and add any forgotten laundry items.

However, for the feature to work properly and maintain safety, the door must be locked during operation.

Similarly, the Spin Only function, which is used to extract excess water from the clothes, requires the door to be locked to prevent water spillage and ensure the user’s safety.

Door Lock Malfunction

Sometimes, the door may remain locked even after the cycle has finished. This could be due to a malfunction in the door lock mechanism or the control panel.

If the door remains locked for an extended period after the cycle has been completed, it is recommended to consult the user manual or contact Samsung customer service for assistance.

How to Unlock a Samsung Washer Door?

Finding your Samsung washer door lock can be frustrating, especially in a hurry.

However, it’s important to remember that this feature is designed for your safety and to prevent water spillage and potential injuries.

But what if you need to add a forgotten item or remove something urgently?

However, before going to a step-by-step solution, I’ve mentioned some quick fixes in the following table, which can help get rid of the Samsung washer’s door lock issue.

Here are some ways to unlock your Samsung washer door during and after a cycle.

Pause the Cycle

If you’ve just started a cycle and realized you need to add or remove something, you can simply pause the cycle.

Most Samsung washers allow you to pause the cycle within the first 5 minutes of starting.

Just press the Pause button and wait for a click, indicating the door is unlocked.

Open the door, add or remove your items, and press the Start/Pause button to resume the cycle.

Deactivate Child Lock

The Child Lock function is a fantastic feature that prevents little ones from tampering with the washer’s settings or opening the door during a cycle.

However, it also means that the door will remain locked until you deactivate this feature.

To do this, press and hold the right combination of buttons (as specified in your user manual) until the padlock symbol on the display disappears.

This usually involves holding two buttons (e.g., Spin and Temperature) simultaneously for 3 seconds.

Utilize the Spin Only Function

Activating the Spin Only function is another way to unlock the washer door during a cycle.

This function drains excess water and spins your clothes to extract as much moisture as possible.

Press the Spin button for three seconds to activate this function.

Then select your desired spinning speed by tapping the Spin button, and then press the Start/Pause button to confirm.

How to Unlock Samsung Washer Door

Use the Add Door (For AddWash Models)

Some Samsung washers, specifically the AddWash models, have a small door built into the main washer door.

This allows you to add forgotten laundry items or softeners during a cycle.

Press the Pause/Stop button to halt the washer’s operations, then gently push the Add Door until you hear a click.

Pull the handle to open it, add or remove items, then carefully close the Add Door and press the Pause/Stop button again to restart the operations.

Drain Water By Emergency Drain Hose

If you own a front-load Samsung washer, you can manually drain the water inside the tub using the emergency drain hose located at the bottom right corner of the unit.

After pausing the cycle, follow these steps to drain the water and unlock the washer door manually:

  • Open the debris filter cover.
  • Place a towel under the cover to absorb water and protect your floors from damage.
  • Pull out the drain hose and remove the cap.
  • Drain the water into a flat container.
  • Reinstall the cap and hose after the water stops draining.
  • Close the cover, turn off the washing machine, and then press the Power button to turn it back on.
  • Open the washer door.
Samsung Washer door won't open

Power Cycle the Unit

If the washer is still hot after a cycle and the door remains locked, it’s best to wait for the unit to cool down.

However, if no load is inside and the door is still locked, you can power cycle the washer.

Unplug the washer, wait for an hour, then plug it back in and open the door.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Why is my Samsung washing machine locking?

Your Samsung washing machine door locks due to the Child Lock feature, which prevents tampering during a cycle. To unlock, deactivate the Child Lock feature as per your user manual.

Q2: Can I open the washer while washing?

Most washing machines won’t let you open the door mid-cycle. It automatically locks during operations to prevent potential injuries, leaks, and floods. You can click pause on Samsung washers within 5 minutes of starting a cycle. The door will unlock once the drum is no longer hot or filled with water.


Unlocking your Samsung washer door can be straightforward once you know why it’s locked.

Whether it’s because the Child Lock is activated or the washer is still hot after a cycle, following the steps outlined should help you unlock your washer door.

Remember, it’s essential to maintain your washer properly to avoid encountering such problems frequently.

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