Samsung TV Not Connecting To WiFi [Problem Solved]

Yes, we understand how disappointing it is when you are in a full mood to watch TV, and then you find out that your Samsung TV is just not connecting to wifi. Ugh! That just ruins the whole mood!

The main reasons why Samsung TV does not connect to wifi are weak signals, incorrect wifi passwords, inaccurate DNS configuration & outdated TV firmware.

To solve Samsung wifi problems, restart the Samsung TV, restart the network router, refresh DNS settings & update Samsung TV software.

If your Samsung TV not connecting to wifi and you are extremely frustrated, you have come to the right place.

Relax, we have found you some easy troubleshooting steps, which we have practically tested. 

Just read on. We will help you identify your issue and troubleshoot your Samsung TV.

How to Fix Samsung Smart TV Not Connecting To WiFi?

Samsung TV Not Connecting To WiFi

If your Samsung TV won’t connect to wifi and shows an error code 102, you can try these easy fixes listed below. 

  • Restart your Samsung TV.
  • Restart the network source.
  • Try connecting your Samsung TV to some other network.
  • Try refreshing DNS settings.
  • Perform a soft reset.
  • Update your Samsung TV software.
  • Disconnect other paired devices from the wifi.

1. Restart Your Samsung TV

Restarting the device is the easiest fix for the internet connectivity issues and, generally, most of the time, work for many temporary problems. 

Restarting the device will fix any general bugs that are causing the issues.

Therefore, the first thing we will try is restarting the Samsung TV. The procedure is very simple and takes 10-15 minutes.

You can follow these steps:

  • Turn in your Samsung TV normally and let it turn on for at least 5 minutes.
  • After that, switch off the TV. Now unplug the cable wire from the socket.
  • After waiting for a minimum of 10 minutes, you can plug the cable back into the socket.
  • Switch on the TV and, if asked, re-enter your wifi password.

If this method does not work, you can try another method that requires you to hold the power button on the remote until the Samsung logo appears while the TV is on.

The LED light will start blinking. The TV will restart, and you can enter the wifi password now.

2. Restart the Network Source

If restarting the TV did not solve your problem, there is also a possibility that the wifi service is not functioning properly or the DNS settings are blocking the internet access from the router.

Therefore, we need to completely power-cycle the internet router.

Fixing Samsung TV WIFI

Follow these steps for that:

  • Turn off the Internet router or unplug the wire cable from the wall socket.
  • After 10 minutes, you can now turn on the router.
  • Wait for a while till the router loads the internet settings, and then try reconnecting it to the TV.
Restart the Network Source in your Samsung TV

3. Try To Connect Your Samsung TV to Some Other Network

If your wifi is being connected to other devices perfectly then there is a chance that the internet router blocks the mac address of your TV, and thus it is unable to connect.

You can check for this by:

  • Turn on the TV. Select wifi settings.
  • Now, turn on the Mobile Hotspot feature on your phone.. 
  • Then connect your Samsung TV to the Mobile Hotspot.
  • If your TV connects to the Mobile hotspot instantaneously, your internet router is most likely blocking your TV’s Mac address.
  • You should then contact your Internet Service Provider and ask to unblock the Television’s Mac address.
Try To Connect Your Samsung TV to Some Other Network

4. Disconnect Other Paired Devices From the WI-FI

Wifi routers usually have a limit set for the number of devices that can connect to that wifi. This might be the only reason if your router is connected to multiple devices.

Home wireless routers do not support multiple devices, and the internet will not function if too many devices are connected simultaneously.

If you face such issues, you can try disconnecting other devices around you connected to the same wifi.

Also, reduce the distance between the router and the smart TV if it is possible. This will strengthen the internet signals.

5. Try Refreshing DNS Settings

In some cases, such internet issues with your router are also caused by the DNS settings on your TV.

Changing the DNS settings back to default can help solve the wifi connectivity issues in your Samsung Smart TV.

Here are some easy, simple steps to refresh the DNS settings.

  • Turn on the television. Select “settings” from your TV remote’s “menu” button.
  • Go to “network” and eventually the “network settings” from the settings.
  • First, select “start” and then go to” IP settings.”
  • Now, click on the “DNS mode.” Ensure the “Manual” mode has a green tick and press “OK.”
  • Now, enter” 8888″ and press “ok” to save the settings.
  • If this was the only issue, you must have had internet access by now, and you can select the “Samsung Smart Hub” button. This will automate the TV update and reset your old programs.

6. Perform A Soft Reset:

After performing several procedures, if your issue remains unresolved, you can perform a soft reset on your Samsung Smart TV to fix this issue. 

Follow the instructions below to perform a hard reboot. 

  • Grab your Samsung TV remote, then press the power button and hold it.
  • Keep a hold on the power button when the TV is rebooting, and release the button once the Samsung logo appears on the screen.
  • Now try reconnecting and check whether rebooting like this has fixed this issue.

Resetting can also fix issues like Samsung TV Volume not working.

7. Update Your Samsung TV Software:

If your Samsung TV’s firmware is outdated, you will experience such connectivity issues when you try to connect internet.

The software must be updated according to the TV model and your region to operate properly.

You will need a PC or laptop to update the right firmware on your device.

  • Visit the Samsung Downloads page on your device.
  • After that, you will need to choose your Samsung Smart TV model and download the upgrade file. 
  • Take a USB that does not contain any other data and extract your downloaded files to the USB.
  • Now, connect the USB drive to the TV and use the remote to select “menu.”
  • Click on the “support” and then select the “software update” option.
  • A list will appear of methods of the update. Choose “by USB.”
  • A new update will be set on the installation. Wait for the process to get finished.
  • After the update is done, try connecting it to the wifi.
Update Your Samsung TV Software

Another common problem many consumers faces is the Samsung TV not turning on.

Final Verdict

Many reasons lie behind a Samsung smart TV not connecting to wifi. It just needs some research about your TV model and performing the troubleshooting steps accordingly.

By now, hopefully, the 102 error has gone, and you are relaxed and ready to binge-watch the latest movies and your favorite series on the go!

If you are still struggling to find a solution to your problem, consider contacting Samsung Customer Support and getting it checked by a professional.

You might have a more serious technical or hardware issue with your Samsung Smart TV. 

We highly hope that this article has cleared all your confusion and helped you solve your problem to some extent.

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