Ohtsu Tires Review – Good or Just Cheap Alternative?

Ohtsu is one of the subsidiaries of Sumitomo Rubber Industry, one of Japan’s largest tire manufacturing companies.

There are other sub-brands like Falken and Dunlop tires, which are also top brands worldwide. 

Ohtsu tires are some of the cheapest tire brands today available at Walmart or any other tire market.

Well, the quality they provide is what you will not expect from a budget tire, although we never relied on the reviews on the internet.

Also, Sumitomo increased the prices by 30% in Oct 2021 on the Ohtsu brand. 

This Ohtsu Tires review will mention the pros/cons, our top picks, and much more. Let’s leapfrog into it. 

Ohtsu Tires Review

How Have We Tested Ohtsu Tires? 

We have hand-vetted staff and tire testers working under our umbrella.

In hindsight, we have tested Ohtsu Tires based on parameters such as quality, efficiency, performance on different terrains, etc. 

Internet is full of notorious reviews, although we’ll provide you with honest reviews pointing out the deficiencies. Let’s dive into it. 

Top 3 Ohtsu Tires Review

In this section, we’ll be reviewing our top 3 picks from Ohtsu tires. We have tested these tires in dry, wet, and snow conditions. 

Ohtsu FP7000, ST5000, and FP8000 tires perform well in dry & wet conditions, and resist hydroplaning, but have limitations in snow & noise levels.

1. Ohtsu FP7000

Ohtsu FP7000

The Ohtsu FP7000 is an all-season touring tire with a non-directional tread pattern design. It has a unique tread design, built for all-season traction.

Moreover, the tire was the initial touring model launched in the US by Falken.

It’s not a tract or drift tire; it is just a basic tire with all-year performance capability and no advanced sidewalls. 

The tire has several rim sizes ranging from 14 to 18 inches, also backed up with a 2/32 tread dept and 50,000 miles warranty.

The tire is available at a relatively cheap price tag, although I won’t reckon this tire if you want me to compare it with premium brands out there.  

Dry Road Performance

The tire performed exceptionally well in dry road conditions, although they are louder than my radio at high speed, despite having speed ratings of W.

Furthermore, the tire has much durability, thanks to the steel belt and carcass, which provide additional strength. 

Also, the continuous center rib provides good gripping on corners and shows excellent braking performance on the highway’s dry roads. 

As I mentioned, I have personally driven for 600 miles on the highway, and they were a bit noisy. However, they are a great option if you are looking for budget-friendly tires. 

Wet Road Performance 

The tires were also great on wet pavements. The grooves and large shoulder blocks channel water away and resist aquaplaning, which is impressive from a budget tire.

Moreover, the shoulder blocks also maintain good traction in wet conditions. 

Snow Road Performance 

The tires are average in light snow; however, I won’t recommend you guys jeopardize these in critical winter conditions. I don’t think the tread is good enough to handle that.

One thing I liked about this tire is the grooves; a wide channel at the center and four more minor tracks handle the snow pretty well. 

Things we liked:

  • The tires provide stability and grip in dry road conditions. 
  • The wet road performance is also excellent. 
  • The tires are wallet-friendly. 
  • Resist hydroplaning. 

Things we didn’t like:

  • These produce noise at high speeds. 
  • The tire couldn’t perform well in severe snow conditions. 


The FP7000 is my favorite on the list, and the tire has proved it with its performance.

The tire has a well-engineered tread pattern that provides improved handling and excellent gripping in dry and wet conditions. 

The grooves and tread blocks play a vital role in the resistivity of hydroplaning. In addition, it’s an excellent budget-friendly for everyday use. 

2. Ohtsu ST5000

Ohtsu ST5000

The Ohtsu ST5000 is a tire suitable for SUVs and crossovers, giving you a confident drive in all seasons.

The tire’s symmetric and non-directional pattern maximizes handling performance in dry and wet conditions. 

The tire is available in 15 to 26-inch diameter sizes with an inexpensive price tag.

The tread pattern has grooves and offsets tread blocks, providing excellent stability on dry and wet pavements. 

Dry Road Performance

The tires have a pretty aggressive performance on dry roads and highways. They produce minimal noise.

Also, the tires have good traction, griping, braking, and cornering performance on dry surfaces. Moreover, the tire is M+S rated, so you can easily make it through mud and snow. 

Wet Road Performance 

The wet road performance shown by these tires was also impressive. I had driven with them when it was little pouring outside, and they did a great job.

All thanks to the 4 circumferential grooves and added sipes, which wipe away water and withstand aquaplaning. 

I would rate it 8/10 for wet road performance. 

Snow Road Performance 

The tire is terrible in the snow; I couldn’t find any stability or good traction, even on light snow.

Although the tire is called “all-season,” that’s a shame. I won’t recommend you buy these tires for winter. 

However, the tire is excellent for wet and dry road pavements. Also, have a nylon cap ply, which boosts the overall durability of the tire. 

Things we liked:

  • The tire has excellent dry road performance. 
  • Good braking and gripping on the wet road. 
  • The tires don’t produce loud noise produced by these tires. 
  • Budget-friendly. 
  • Resist hydroplaning. 

Things we didn’t like:

  • The tire isn’t suitable for winter conditions. 


The tire is excellent for dry and wet conditions, although the tread won’t be able to evacuate the snow that easily.

However, it has good gripping performance in dry conditions, providing drivers stability, better handling, and improved griping on dry surfaces. 

Furthermore, ST5000 has an exquisite non-directional tread pattern, having grooves and tread blocks for advanced gripping on wet pavements. 

3. Ohtsu FP8000

Ohtsu FP8000

The Ohtsu FP8000 is an ultra-high performance summer tire built for SUVs, passengers, and performance.

The tire has a unique tread pattern design, providing stability and improved handling in dry and wet conditions. 

The tire is available in 19, 20, and 22-inch rim diameter sizes with a speed rating of W, which means you can drive with these tires at the speed of 168 MPH. Also, the tire is cheaper. 

In addition, the tire has the replication of Falken 452 because of the same tread pattern design of the tires. The tires are rebranded as Ohtsu. 

Dry Road Performance

I have used these tires quite often, and the only problem I faced was the tread and the noise they produced. The dry road traction is excellent but won’t support it for an extended period. 

The tire only lasts 40k miles, which isn’t impressive for a sports tire. 

Although the tire has a dual tread compound paired with a directional pattern, it provides confident drives in dry road conditions.

Also, the continuous center rib results in a better tire steering response. 

Wet Road Performance 

The wet road performance is excellent, thanks to the four circumferential grooves that channel water away and help tires withstand aquaplaning.

Also, the shoulder blocks provide a controllable ride on wet pavements. 

The tire does produce noise on rough terrains. However, the tire is available at reasonable price tags. 

Snow Road Performance 

The summer tires aren’t manufactured for the winter season and vice versa. So, I won’t recommend you risk these tires in snow conditions. 

Things we liked:

  • The tires have excellent performance on dry tracks. 
  • The tires resist hydroplaning in wet conditions. 
  • The speed rating of W. 
  • Improved handling and excellent steering response. 

Things we didn’t like:

  • The tire produces noise on rough terrains. 


The tires were noisy when I pushed the limit slightly further. Although, the tires impressed us in dry and wet conditions. 

The tires aren’t suitable for snow road traction, so don’t be gawky to drive these in winter conditions.

Moreover, despite being cheaper than most of the brands, I appreciate the performance of these tires. 

In addition, the tire has lousy tread, which doesn’t last long, so keep this thing in mind. 

Pros and Cons of Ohtsu Tires


  • Affordable. 
  • Improved handling performance. 
  • Stable on dry and wet roads.


  • Not drivable in snow conditions. 

Who Makes Ohtsu Tires? 

The Ohtsu Tires are manufactured by Sumitomo Rubber Industry, a well-known company in Japan.

The brand supplies tires for passenger cars, 4×4, crossovers, SUVs, and sports vehicles. 

The tires are pliable and balanced for wet, dry, and winter conditions and are available at affordable prices. They are also popular in North America -traded by Falken Tires. 


Ohtsu Tires Warranty 

The warranty of Ohtsu Tires can fall between 30,000 to 80,000 miles, which is impressive for a budget-friendly brand. 

The tires are reinforced with materials that make them durable and provide drivers extra confidence in all terrains and weather conditions. 

Why Should You Choose Ohtsu Tires? 

Japanese tire brands dominate and surpass premium brands, and Ohtsu is one of them. Our team preferred Ohtsu tires; let’s hear them, respectively. 


Ohtsu tires offer great value for the price tags. They are relatively cheaper than any premium brand like Continental, Michelin, Pirelli, and Goodyear Tires.

You can get a whole set of 4 tires under $200; it won’t cost you an arm or leg. 

After seeing the price tags, I know there will be a little bit of hesitation while opting for Ohtsu tires, but they are some of the top-quality tires available today. 


As we have discussed above, Ohtsu is durable. The reason is the reinforcements implemented while manufacturing these tires.

The tires are developed with steel belts and nylon cap ply, which helps the tire stay uniform and gain momentum in all terrains and protects it from punctures. 

Also, they are backed up with a 30k to 80k miles treadwear guarantee, a lot better than current budget tires. 


The handling is what matters nowadays. The Ohtsu tires are manufactured with advanced materials like silica, which provide robust durability and stability on all terrains.

The tires have the efficiency to give drivers confidence in riding in dry, wet, and winter conditions. 

The tires have an exquisite tread pattern, with sipes, grooves, and tread blocks that maintain stability, evacuate water, and more grip on the surface. 


Ohtsu tires have many varieties lined up; you can opt for any tire according to area situations or place circumstances.

Tires for summer, winter, and even all seasons are available at a much lower price.

All tire designs are versatile and engineered adequately for better durability, safety, and quality. 

Are Ohtsu Tires Good? 

Are Ohtsu Tires Good

As we have mentioned, the Ohtsu Tires are developed under the supervision of experienced and hand-vetted engineers.

Also, they are a subsidiary of Japan’s well-known brand Sumitomo. So, of course, they are reliable and will give you excellent driving experience in all-season tractions. 

The tread pattern with sipping, grooves, and tread blocks provides the driver with smooth, comfortable, and high performance in dry, wet, and winter conditions. 

Also, the tires are much more affordable, which is the preliminary first choice of the buyers.

Although Ohtsu Tires doesn’t compete with premium brands like Goodyear and Michelin, it’s because of the value these brands provide. 

In addition, the Ohtsu tires are an ideal and good choice if you’re tight on budget and demand high-quality products. 

Final Words

In the above draft, we have discussed the Ohtsu Tires review, the pros and cons, performances, and quality. 

The tires are wallet-friendly and won’t cost you an arm or leg.

We mentioned Ohtsu FP7000, an all-season tire backed up with a 50k miles warranty and suitable tread compound. Although, this set doesn’t perform well on snow. 

Moreover, ST5000 and FP8000 are ideal and cost-effective tires that provide drivers with smooth and comfortable rides in dry and wet conditions.

However, ST5000 might feel clumsy in winter conditions, as well as FP8000. 

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