Magic Chef Mini Fridge Not Cooling? Fix It Now

Magic Chef is one of the most popular refrigerators, and their mini-fridge is no exception.

The mini-fridge is a compact, sleek and compact appliance that is convenient for storing food in the kitchen.

Common reasons for the Magic Chef mini fridge not cooling include dirty condenser coils, defrost thermometers, frozen evaporator fan motors, blocked ice maker and water line, leaking water pipe, and broken temperature gauge. 

To resolve the problems with the Magic Chef mini-fridge, you should know about the fridge’s basic operations and the repair processes of the faulty components.

Let us look at these problems and their solutions. 

Magic Chef Mini Fridge Not Cooling

Magic Chef Mini Fridge Not Cooling

The article in this brief helps you understand the problem and the possible solutions to fix the Magic Chef mini-fridge.

1. Dirty Condenser Coils:

The condenser coils are crucial for keeping the refrigerator cool. The condenser coils transfer heat from the air outside the unit into the refrigerant and then into the inside of the unit.

If the coils get clogged, then the condenser will work less effectively, and this is called a “dirty condenser.” This problem can be solved by cleaning the condenser coils.

To clean the condenser coils, you must remove the front panel. You should not remove the top cover since that will be difficult for you to remove.

Next, you should remove the rubber gasket. Then you should clean the coils with a brush and water.

2. Defrost Thermometer:

The defrost thermometer is used to control the defrosting of the freezer. The defrost thermometer works by sensing the temperature of the evaporator.

The defrost cycle is initiated when the temperature sensor indicates the temperature of the evaporator to be below 40 degrees Fahrenheit.

After defrosting is completed, the temperature sensor turns off the defrost timer. So, you must replace the defrost thermometer if it fails

3. Frozen Evaporator Fan Motor:

The frozen evaporator fan motor is responsible for cooling the inside of the unit.

If the fan motor freezes, it will not transfer heat out of the unit, which means the unit will be hot, which is called a “frozen evaporator.”

This can happen because the fan motor has not been turned on for too long or the fan has not been turned on for a while.

You can also check to see if the fan motor is operating properly by removing the rear panel. If it is not turning, then you should call your local repairman. 

4. Blocked Ice Maker:

The ice maker will be the first thing to freeze in the Magic Chef mini-fridge. If it is frozen, then it will not be able to make more ice.

This is usually a problem with a clogged filter or dirty ice maker. The filter should be cleaned, and the ice maker should be unclogged to make it work properly. 

Magic Chef Mini Fridge won't cool

To Clean the Icemaker:

  • You need to remove the back panel as well as remove the rubber gasket and the plastic cover. 
  • Then you must remove the two screws that hold the front panel. 
  • After that, you must remove the waterline and the ice tray. 
  • Clean the ice maker. 
  • Then reattach everything in its place and reinstall the front panel.

5. Leaking Water Pipe:

The damaged water pipe is responsible for fridge leaking water. It is often caused by a faulty hose or by a leaky valve.

To solve this problem, you should have knowledge of the water piping system. 

If the water pipe is leaking, then it will be responsible for causing the unit to be hot or have low refrigeration capacity. To repair the leaking pipe, you should clean it with a brush. 

You should turn off the faucet in order to prevent more leaks from occurring. 

6. Broken Temperature Gauge: 

The temperature gauge is responsible for measuring the inside of the unit and telling you when the inside is too cold or too hot.

The temperature gauge can break if the refrigerator is not working correctly. 

If the temperature gauge is broken, it will not measure the temperature inside the unit and this means that the unit will be too hot or cold.

As a result, the only solution is to replace the temperature gauge.

7. Defrost Control Board:

The defrost control board is the main part that controls the defrosting cycle and it is responsible for turning on and off the defrost timer and then shutting down the fan motor.

If this part fails, then it may cause the defrosting to fail, and it will be very difficult to defrost the unit. You should call a repairman to fix this problem. 

Fixing Magic Chef Mini Fridge not cooling

8. Defrost Timer:

The defrost timer is the most important part of the refrigerator because it determines whether or not the unit is defrosted or not.

It is responsible for starting the defrosting cycle at a certain temperature and then turning off the defrost timer when the unit is defrosted.

If the defrost timer fails, you will be able to see frost on the inside of the unit, which means that the unit has not been defrosted. As a result, the only solution is to replace the defrost timer.

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The mini-fridge is a great appliance that can provide convenience in your home.

However, if one of these problems occurs, it will not keep your food cold or will not be able to defrost properly.

So, you should call a repairman as soon as possible if you find that a problem occurs.

This is all about mini-fridge problems and how to fix them, and hopefully, this article helped you understand how to repair a fridge if it has a problem.

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