7 Common JVC TV Problems [DIY Troubleshooting Guide]

JVC cannot be left out when it comes to TVs. The brand has a wide variety of TVs to offer, whether you want to get a smart TV, Android TV, or an LED TV. 

Despite being a renowned brand, the smooth performance of the JVC TVs cannot be assured.

Just like every other electronic device, JVC TVs are also reported for numerous complaints regarding different types of problems. 

If you have a JVC TV and you are experiencing several issues with it, then we have got you all covered.

Here in this article, we will list down and explain commonly faced JVC TV problems that you can fix yourself.

Usually, the problems reported by consumers of JVC TVs are related to sound, image, Wi-Fi connectivity, black screen, and not responding to remote.

Such issues require simple fixes like resetting, rebooting, adjusting the settings, software updates, and power cycling.

JVC TV Problems

Now we will be elaborating on each problem with its proven troubleshooting procedures. 

Facing Problems with JVC TV? Here Is How to Fix Them!

Below are some most common problems based on the complaints of JVC TV users. 

  • JVC TV not turning on
  • Not connecting to Wi-Fi
  • Not Finding channels
  • The TV turns on, but the screen is being black
  • Not Responding to remote
  • Not Playing sound
  • Red light flashing on the TV

Do not worry! We are not leaving you here alone. We‘ll get into these problems and explain the troubleshooting steps so that you can fix your issue properly.

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1. JVC TV Not Turning On

There lie many reasons behind a JVC TV not turning on. When a TV does not turn on, there is always some issue with the power supply. 

Verify that the television is linked to an appropriate power source.

Some JVC TV models have the main power switch, which is different from the standby switch and is located underneath the TV or on the side.

Check if the power switch is switched on, and then try turning on the TV by the standby switch on the remote or the TV.

There is also a possibility that the batteries of the remote are dead. If you are turning on the TV through the remote control, then must try replacing the batteries.

2. Not Connecting to WI-FI

Wi-Fi connectivity issues are very popular among Smart TV users. Internet connection is affected by several things.

First, you must check whether your JVC TV or the router is the issue. To do that, connect the same network to any other device and use the internet.

If it works, then try connecting any other Wi-Fi network to your TV; if the TV still does not connect to Wi-Fi, then something has gone bad with your TV.

To troubleshoot this issue try these steps:

  • Restart the TV, and you can do this by disconnecting the main power supply cord and plugging it back in after a while.
  • If you suspect there is a problem with the router, restart it.
  • Wi-Fi routers usually include a restriction on the number of devices that may connect to the network. Try disconnecting other devices if there are.

3. Not Finding Channels

If your JVC TV is not receiving channels, there must be some issue with your antenna or related cables. However, you try the following steps to troubleshoot the issue.

  • There must be an ANT input on the back of your JVC TV; check if the antenna cable is properly connected to it.
  • If it does not work, then go to the TV “Menu.”
  • Go to the “Settings” and select “Channel.”
  • From the channel options menu, select “Cable” or “Antenna” according to the type of your TV. 
  • The TV will then scan all the possible signal stations. 
  • After the scan is finished, the TV channels are expected to be found.

3. The TV Turns on, but the Screen Is Being Black

The TV will sometimes turn on, but there will be no sound or picture on the screen. In order to fix it, you may follow the steps listed below.

  •  Check for cables, and if any are loose, make sure they are correctly attached.
  •  If this does not work, try pressing the remote’s power button.
  •  Following that, press the source button to select the sources.
  •  You may also try clearing out the TV memory from “Clear Memory.”

If the screen continues to be black, then follow this procedure:

  • Long press the “Volume” and “Menu” buttons on the remote simultaneously.
  • Keep them pressed and meanwhile press the “Power” button and release it.
  • After about 5 seconds, release the “Menu” and “Volume” buttons too.
  • Wait for a minimum of half a minute.

If the problem persists, it must be the backlight issue (if you have an LCD TV). You may confirm this by holding a flashlight close to the TV screen.

If you see any picture forming on the screen, it is the backlight failure.

5. Not Responding to Remote

If your JVC TV denies responding to the remote, then 

  • Make sure that the batteries of your remote are not weak. You may try replacing them.
  • Apart from this, make sure that there is no obstruction in between the TV and the remote blocking the signals.
  • Try unpairing and re-pairing the remote from the TV.
  • Reset the JVC TV remote.

To reset the remote, follow these steps:

  • Long press the left side of the wheel button on the remote. Press the back button and options button too for a few seconds.
  • Now when you click the Alexa button, your emote will reset, indicated by an orange flash. 
  • If it still doesn’t, repeat the steps.

6. Not Playing Sound

This issue is commonly faced in every other TV. If your JVC TV is showing the display but has no sound, then here is its solution.

  • The TV might be muted. Check for the volume.
  • Go to the audio settings. There you can see if there is any wireless headphone or some other device is connected. If there is, do disconnect it.
  • Check if the sound cables are properly connected.
  • Try resetting the TV.

To reset a JVC TV, 

  •  Go to the TV menu and select setup. 
  • There must be a “reset” option there. Click it and press “enter”.
  • Follow the instructions that appear on the screen. 

7. Red Light Flashing on the TV

The red light on the TV is for the timer, which is responsible for turning on and off the TV at the set time. When the timer function is activated, the red light begins flashing.

If you are worried about this mysterious red light flashing on the TV screen, please don’t. You might have accidentally activated it. To turn it off, simply follow these steps:

  • Press the menu button on your remote.
  • Select the on/off timer option from the list and press the right arrow button.
  • In the appeared window, scroll down a little and disable the feature.
  • This will switch off the timer. You may now finish and exit.

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Conclusion: JVC TV Problems

Whenever you get some issue, first you should try fixing it on your own and then take it to some technician. Sometimes, the problem isn’t as complex as we assume. This can actually save much of your money.

I hope by now you must be having your problem solved; if not, then there might be a hardware fault. You should now contact customer service and get their assistance.

You might have noticed JVC TV problems are quite similar to other brands’ TV issues. Fortunately, they are very simple to be solved. 

JVC TV s are comparatively less expensive and provide good quality. JVC does not offer OLED and QLED. However, its Android TV is largely used and loved by many.

I hope this article proved helpful for you; if yes, please share your troubleshooting stories in the comments. We would absolutely love to hear them! Stay hooked for more such troubleshooting content!

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Steven Settles is an ISCET-certified master in appliance repair. He has aced the National Appliance Service Technician Certification Exam, showcasing his exceptional diagnostic and repair skills. With an in-depth understanding of the latest repair technologies and a keen eye on evolving industry standards, Steven is a go-to expert for any appliance issue.

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  1. My JVC ANDROID TV has developed horizontal and vertical lines. Factory reset hasn’t sorted it. No one seems to be answering questions on here.

    • Hi Peggy, The problem could be hardware-related, such as a faulty display panel or loose cable connections. First, check all cable connections to ensure they’re secure and not damaged. If the lines persist, the issue might be with the display panel or internal components, which require professional repair. Contact JVC customer support or a reputable electronics repair service for a diagnostic and repair quote. Avoid attempting to open or repair the TV yourself if you’re not familiar with electronics repair, as this could void any warranties or further damage the TV.

  2. Have a older JVC lcd tv modle# LT-32DM20 serial# 143F0579 I have lost sound on just 3 Channels 5.1, 5.2, and 5.3. I have tried to re scan channels, reset sound, reset channels, and unplug it from the wall. Any ideas as what the problem might be?

  3. Every time I turn on the my smart JVC TV will not connect to the Wifi automatically before I have to press the bottom on the router to connect.
    Why this trouble as it should connect automatically like any laptop?

  4. hi I have JVC tv LT-43CA890 Android tv has several problems less than 2 year
    1. not turs on with tv remote ( unplug from socket and plug in it will works)
    2.sometimes its makes sounds only no pictures
    3.Take too much time to respond to the remote

  5. Intermittent Horizontal flashing/flickering bands and lines on every input.
    Have tried factory reset and power drain to no avail.
    4K Model LT-50CF890 (less than 2 years old)

  6. My main complaint is that nearly every time I switch the TV on it tells me to select the appropriate region. i.e. the country and also the region. Sometimes there is no sound and I have to turn the TV off and back on again to get the sound.


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