Is Tupperware Dishwasher Safe? (Check Out Now!)

Tupperware has become essential for most kitchens these days. Tupperware is surely a savior, from stashing leftovers to towing food to our dining tables.

However, just like every other kitchen utensil, it does get dirty and requires regular cleaning. But is Tupperware Dishwasher safe?

Well, yes, it is safe to put Tupperware in the dishwasher. However, do not use abrasive cleaners on the Tupperware as this will damage the surface and make it unsafe for use.

Also, make sure not to place your Tupperware on a heated drying cycle, as this will melt the plastic.

However, there is a catch. If your Tupperware was bought before 1979, it might not be safe to put it in the dishwasher.

A few models don’t come with a dishwasher-safe guarantee. So, make sure to check whether your Tupperware is dishwasher safe or not. 

Wondering how to do that? Well, we have got you all covered. Scroll down to get all your answers.

Is Tupperware Dishwasher Safe

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How to Find if Your Tupperware Is Dishwasher Safe?

The easiest way is to just look for the words “dishwasher safe” on the packaging of your Tupperware.

If this is not present, you can check the manufacturer’s website and see if they mention anything about dishwasher safety.

Most Tupperware has a dishwasher symbol. You can also look for a glass or plate with either water droplets or diagonal lines above them.

If you see circles with diagonal lines, your container is safe to be washed in the top rack of a dishwasher. On the other hand, water droplets simply confirm that the dishwasher is safe.

Another way that you can do this is by searching for “Tupperware dishwasher safe” and seeing what comes up.

If any forums or blogs talk about this topic, you should be able to find out whether or not it’s a good idea to put your Tupperware in the dishwasher.

Things to Consider Before Washing Tupperware in a Dishwasher

Now, after finding out that your Tupperware is dishwasher safe, you must be wondering how you can wash it properly.

However, here are some important points to consider while putting your Tupperware in a dishwasher.

1. Always Place Tupperware on the Top Rack

It is best to place Tupperware only on the top rack of your dishwasher.

Putting the Tupperware in the lower rack can be dangerous as it gets exposed to high-pressure water jets.

And the heating element is close to the bottom rack, so melt and warp your Tupperware.

can you put Tupperware in a Dishwasher

2. Tupperware May Not Completely Dry in a Dishwasher

Unlike glass, ceramic, and metal utensils, plastic does not retain heat during the wash cycle and does not completely dry.

However, we suggest you place your Tupperware containers upside down so they can’t get water-filled.

We have tested several times washing Tupperware containers in many dishwashers, and none of them has managed to dry them off completely.

You always expect utensils to be completely washed and dried when they come out of the dishwasher.

But, in the case of Tupperware, you will need to dry it with a towel or place it in a ventilated area to air dry before putting it back in its place.

3. White Marks on the Containers

There is nothing to worry about if you see any white marks on your Tupperware containers after washing them in the dishwasher.

These white marks on the container are signs of normal wear and tear, which happens due to the forceful cleaning actions of the dishwasher.

Dishwashers have high-pressure water jets that can flip the containers around in the baskets.

It can cause a little damage to the plastic; thus, white marks may appear.

How To Wash Tupperware In A Dishwasher?

Washing your Tupperware in the dishwasher is not rocket science. Just a few simple steps, and you’re done.

Here is how to do it.

  • Load the dishwasher with Tupperware and dirty dishes in the order that they will be washed. Make sure to put them on the top rack.
  • Add a small amount of dish soap to a water container and pour it into the dishwasher.
  • Close the dishwasher door and set the dishwasher in a hot or sanitized setting.
  • Run it through a normal cycle for about 15 minutes or 30 minutes for a heavy-duty cycle.
  • Dry with a towel or paper towel and store in an airtight container until next use!

How Can You Carefully Hand-Wash Tupperware?

Although it is safe to wash Tupperware in a dishwasher, hand washing is still a better option than washing in a dishwasher.

Washing Tupperware by hand can terminate the possibility of melting and warping the plastic while making it last longer.

Hand washing Tupperware might not be so complicated but still requires a little extra care and effort to make. Below is the complete procedure for doing it.

  • Rinse the container with warm water. This would wash away the stuck food particles, and the high temperature of the water would clear the grease from the stored food.
  • After that, take a cloth or sponge, soak it in soapy water, and scrub the food stains on the container. Don’t forget to scrub the lid.
  • Next, you need to again rinse the container with clean water to remove the soapy water and wash away the food stains.
  • Once you have clean, just-washed Tupperware in your hand, you will need to dry it. For this, you might want to air-dry or grab a towel to take out all the moisture.

What Is the Proper Way to Use and Store Tupperware?

If taken proper care of, Tupperware can last you till eternity. Here are some key points to remember if you want your Tupperware to have a long life.

1. Never Store Tupperware With Lids Closed

It is always said to store Tupperware containers without their lids on. This greatly helps in evaporating the moisture and odor.

2. Always Place It Away From Sharp Items

Being made up of plastic, the containers can get scratches and slits if you place them around sharp items such as knives.

3. Avoid Placing Hot Food in the Containers

You should never put hot foods and liquids such as soup, sauces, hot beverages, and cooking oils in Tupperware as they can potentially damage it.

You must wait until the food cools down and then store it in the container if you want to.

4.      Round Lidded vs. Rectangular/Square Lidded Containers

It is important to note what type of container is suitable for storing a particular type of food.

We commonly see containers with either round lids or rectangular/square lids. Round-lidded containers tend to be more leak-proof than rectangular or square ones.

So, it would be best if you always put liquids in round-lidded containers.

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Final Verdict

So, we hope by now you have got answers to all of your questions regarding washing Tupperware in a dishwasher.

Washing Tupperware in the dishwasher is completely safe if done the proper way.

However, the traditional method of washing your Tupperware with hands is always recommended.

So follow the steps and tips above to increase the lifespan of your Tupperware.

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