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Yes, hair thinking shampoos do work. However, the results are not permanent. We all are born with a particular number of hair follicles. Each follicle has a single hair root, which means that only one hair can grow from a single hair follicle.

No matter what, these hair thickening shampoos cannot increase the number of follicles, which is obvious. But, what they do instead is create an illusion of thicker hair.

Does Hair Thickening Shampoo Work

Now you might be wondering what exactly we mean by an illusion. The answer is quite simple; these shampoos work in such ways that they make your hair look thicker by inducing some hair thickening agents.

We mean protein and panthenol by hair thickening agents, which actually is a form of Vitamin B-5.

As we all know, protein gives strength to the hair but, in this case, only to the outer layer. And the purpose of panthenol is to plump out each strand of hair, resulting in adding an additional volume to the hair.

It goes into the hair follicles and creates moisture. The more moisture your hair will have, the more it will swell.

Apart from panthenol, hair thickening shampoos also have amino acids, botanical extracts, and vitamins, which increase the hair’s shine, elasticity, and moisture.

Do these shampoos have any side effects?

Now that you know that the hair thickening shampoos do work but only temporarily, the next thing you might have in your mind would be, “Do these shampoos have any side effects?

Well! Yes, every process that is not natural and has some chemicals involved in it will have some side effects. So do the hair thickening shampoos.

One of the main side effects of such shampoos as above is that they do not last. You can’t stop using these shampoos.

What shampoo does is that it removes all the dirt and impurities between the hair follicles. So it means the moment you switch your shampoo, it will strip the thickening agents from your hair.

And then, you will be left with the thin and flat hair that you had before using a hair thickening shampoo.

Does Thickening Shampoo Cause Hair Loss?

Yes, hair thickening shampoos can cause hair loss because these shampoos have some chemicals in them. These chemicals stick to the hair strands and decrease the space between these hair strands. So, as a result, your looks thicker.

Are you wondering how does this relate to hair loss? Don’t worry. We have the answer. 

The thickening agents induced by these shampoos not only stick to hair strands they also stick to your scalp. And that is where the real problem arises.

Does Thickening Shampoo Cause Hair Loss

These agents cause build-up that goes into your hair follicles and blocks them. And no space will be left for new hair to grow.

And factors like these can eventually lead to hair loss. So, Yes, hair thickening shampoos can be a cause of hair loss.

Can Thin Hair Become Thick Again By Using Thickening Shampoos?

Yes, thin hair can get thick again by using hair thickening shampoos. Hair thickening shampoos induce panthenol and protein in the hair, which provides moisture to the hair.

The hair strands then get swelled due to the moisture, and your hair looks like it has more volume.

Does Hair Thickening Conditioner Work?

Yes, they do work. Hair thickening conditioners not only moisturize your hair but they increase the volume of your hair.

Hair thickening conditioners have some particular ingredients that provide fullness to your hair. It also encourages the healthy growth of new hair. Thus hair thickening conditioners make your hair look a lot thicker.

Can Hair Grow Back After Thinning?

There are multiple reasons behind one losing their hair, such as stress, iron or vitamin B deficiency, hormonal imbalance, dramatic weight loss, and much more. And to grow hair back, you should know the reason that you are losing your hair.

If your hair is because of the reasons mentioned above, you can grow it back. However, if it is due to genetics, then it is not possible.

Is Shampooing Every day Bad?

Yes, shampooing hair every day is very harmful to hair. The main purpose of shampooing is to clean the dirt from the scalp and remove excessive oil.

However, if used too frequently, it can strip you from its natural oils, and as a result, your hair will be prone to dryness and breakage.

Final Words

There is no such thing exist that can increase the number of hair follicles. So, whatever products you use on your hair will give an illusion that your hair is thicker.

But, if you use these hair thickening shampoos frequently, the chemicals used in them might have serious side effects. Therefore, we suggest you get the advice of a dermatologist before using such products on your hair.

Your hair is a precious part of your body that contributes to your overall appearance. So, don’t risk damaging your hair by trying these products without first knowing about their ingredients.

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