Bono Olive Oil Review 2024 [Is It Real & Pure?]

Key Takeaway: Bono Olive Oil is worth trying. It’s delicious, high-quality, and a good value. I loved its flavor and versatility in my own kitchen.

Olive oil is a chief ingredient in any kitchen. It’s perfect for so many dishes and can be used in place of butter or other oils.

But there are so many different types of olive oil on the market it can take time to decide which one to buy.

To ease your problem, we often come up with different olive oils and evaluate them thoroughly. This time, we have a Bono Olive Oil review.

This guideline will not only give you a detailed analysis of the oil, but we’ll also share all the information about the company. Bear with me, lest you may skip something.

Bono Olive Oil Review

Bono Olive Oil Review

My introduction to Bono Olive Oil was quite dramatic. I was on a hike those days and was wandering the small town of Taormina.

While visiting the local La Terrazza Sul Mare market, I came across this oil. Since I am a huge fan of olive oil, I put it on my list.

I have only heard a few things about the oil, like in one of Forbes’ articles. Therefore, I quickly grasped a couple of bottles of oil to try.

The most common products at Bono’s include:

  • Bono Sicilian Val Di Mazara PDO EVOO
  • Bono Sicilia PGI Organic EVOO
  • Bono Italian Organic EVOO
  • Bono Unfiltered EVOO
  • Bono Novello EVOO and others

Since all their products come in glass containers, the packaging gives aesthetic vibes.

It has a colorful label on the front, which carries all the necessary information. There is a label-matching colorful lid to protect the bottle.

Moving forward, when I tried the Bono Sicilian Val Di Mazara PDO EVOO, I was taken aback. This oil satisfies what it claims.

I was amazed at how delicious the olive oil was and quickly became a fan. I loved using it in my cooking and recommended the oil to every other team member. Soon, I was known as “the guy who sells Bono Olive Oil” in the company.

The quality of the oil is fantastic, and it has a lovely, rich flavor. It’s also very versatile. I’ve used it for cooking and dipping oil, which works great in both applications.

Whether you are using the oil for fast food or enjoying it with raw meat, you can’t help praising this oil.

The taste of Bono Olive Oil is delicious & will instantly light up your taste buds. It has a good texture; the oil flavor is sharp, spicy, & peppery.

However, the Italian version feels too thin. It seems that the manufacturer has diluted the oil more than required.

Nonetheless, this olive oil is one of the top brands of oils in Italy. Since we love every aspect of this oil, we can recommend it to others.

Things We Liked

  • Overall taste and aroma are excellent
  • Packaging is top-class
  • A budget range price

Things We Didn’t Like

  • The texture of a few products is not equal to the standard
  • The oil will get rancid faster

Is Bono Olive Oil Good?

Yes, Bono Olive Oil is a good choice for high-quality olive oil seekers.

It’s made with cold-pressed olives within hours of harvest, ensuring the oil retains its natural antioxidants and flavors.

Moreover, it’s sourced from a family-owned company in Italy that has been making olive oil for centuries.

This oil is a perfect package for a person looking for olive oil at a reasonable price. However, the texture of the oil can raise a few questions.

Is Bono Olive Oil Good

Customer Review About Bono Olive Oil

The customer’s feedback to Bono Olive Oil was moderate. Some praised the oil, while others criticized it.

That said, many consumers second our opinion that the oil is fantastic both quality and taste-wise. Similarly, some buyers appreciated the good packaging standard.

At the time, a fair share of consumers were unhappy with the texture properties and how this oil undergoes rancidity. The overall rating of Bono Olive Oil was 4.7/5.

Who Makes Bono Olive Oil?

Bono USA Inc. makes Bono Olive Oil.

It is a family-owned business that takes its olives straight from the tree to the press, so you know their oil is of the highest quality.

Is Bono Olive Oil Pure?

Yes, Bono Olive Oil is pure.

All of their oils are cold-pressed and 100% natural. They only use the highest quality olives to produce the oil.

Also, their olive oil is certified organic, so you can feel good about using them in your cooking.

Bono Olive Oil Ingredients

Bono Olive Oil is made purely from olives from the Sicily region.

Other ingredients include:

  • Water
  • Salts
  • Polyphenols
  • Monounsaturated fatty acids

Bono Olive Oil Uses

Bono olive oil can be used in almost any dish as a culinary oil. Here are a few other ways to use Bono olive oil:

  • For sauteing, cooking, and dressing
  • As a natural moisturizer for skin and hair
  • To reduce inflammation and swelling
  • To help dissolve gallstones or kidney stones
  • As a home remedy for heartburn or indigestion
  • To treat head lice

Where is Bono Olive Oil Made?

Bono Olive Oil is made in the beautiful and historic town of Sciacca, Sicily.

The town is located on the island’s southern coast and is known for its stunningly clear waters and award-winning olive oil.

Bono has been making olive oil from oils for more than 80 years here.

Is Bono Olive Oil Real or Fake?

Yes, Bono Olive Oil is real.

It’s extra virgin olive oil from the first cold pressing of olives. It has a fruity, peppery flavor and a slightly bitter aftertaste.

The oil is PDO as well as PGI certified. This guarantees it’s made with olives from the Val Di Mazara region.

On top of that, the company has adopted a traceability mechanism where you can track down each bottle’s production. Use the code on the label and paste it here.

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Bono Olive Oil is an excellent choice for those seeking high-quality, organic olive oil at a reasonable price.

Despite some concerns about the texture and shelf life of certain products, the overall taste and aroma of the oil are superb.

Plus, the packaging is aesthetically pleasing and top-class.

So whether you’re using it for cooking, dressing, or even as a natural moisturizer, Bono Olive Oil will deliver all the benefits of pure, authentic olive oil.

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