Electrolux Dryer Keeps Stopping [5 Quick Fixing Tips]

Stumped by your Electrolux dryer stopped mid-cycle? This common annoyance can throw a wrench into your laundry routine.

But don’t fret – understanding and resolving this issue can be simpler than you think.

Today, we’ll uncover the typical reasons behind the ‘Electrolux dryer keeps pausing’ dilemma and provide straightforward, actionable solutions.

Common reasons your Electrolux dryer keeps stopping include an overheating motor, worn drum belt, faulty moisture sensor, unlatched door or broken idler pulley.

Electrolux Dryer Keeps Stopping

Troubleshooting Electrolux Dryer Keeps Stopping

Identifying the root cause is crucial for a quick fix. So, let’s find out the common culprits and how to troubleshoot the Electrolux dryer’s sudden stopping problem.

1. Faulty Door Latch or Switch

A malfunctioning door latch or switch could mislead your Electrolux dryer into thinking the door is open, causing it to stop unexpectedly.

A faulty door latch also results in the Electrolux dryer not spinning properly.

Easy Fix:

Replacing a faulty door latch or switch is relatively simple and can effectively resolve the Electrolux dryer keeps pausing problem. 

Start by unplugging the dryer for safety. Remove the door from the dryer to access the latch or switch.

Carefully replace the faulty component with a new one, ensuring it’s properly fitted and secure. Once replaced, reattach the door and plug the dryer back in.

Test the dryer to see if the issue is resolved. This fix not only restores functionality but also ensures safety during operation.

2. Worn Drum Belt

The drum belt is pivotal in the smooth working of an Electrolux dryer. The component turns the drum, tumbling your clothes for an even dry.

When this belt snaps, often indicated by the dryer stopping abruptly after just a few seconds, the drum loses its ability to rotate.

Easy Fix:

Start fixing your Electrolux dryer keep stopping, then turn it off by inspecting the belt for signs of damage or wear and tear.

To replace the drum belt, begin by unplugging your dryer. 

Carefully remove the top and front panels, exposing the drum and the broken belt. Gently lift the drum and slide off the old belt.

Position the new belt around the drum, aligning it with the motor and idler pulley. It’s a process that demands attention to detail and careful handling.

With the new belt in place, reassemble the panels. Restart the machine to see if your Electrolux dryer is operating smoothly now.

3. Broken Idler Pulley

The idler pulley maintains tension on the drum belt, ensuring smooth operation. If this pulley is damaged, it can lead to a slack belt, causing your dryer to stop without warning.

The pulley can wear out or break, often resulting in a squeaking noise before the dryer ceases to function.

Easy Fix:

Accessing the idler pulley involves the same initial steps as replacing the drum belt.

Once the front panel is off, locate the idler pulley near the motor. Inspect it for wear or damage.

If the pulley is faulty, replace it with a new one, ensuring it’s securely in place and providing adequate tension to the belt. Reassemble your dryer carefully.

This fix not only solves the abrupt stopping issue but also can prevent future belt wear, extending the overall lifespan of your dryer.

Repairing Electrolux dryer keeps Pausing

4. Overheating Motor

When your Electrolux dryer stops abruptly and frequently, it’s often a sign of an overheating motor. This can happen due to prolonged use or a motor starting to fail.

Your Electrolux dryer will make loud noises if your drive motor is malfunctioning.

Easy Fix: 

The first step is to let the dryer cool down. Give it about 30 minutes to an hour. If it restarts but stops again, the motor likely needs a replacement.

To replace the motor, ensure the dryer is unplugged from its power source for safety. You’ll need to access the motor by removing the lower panel and the lint filter.

Carefully remove the old motor and install a new one. Handling electrical components carefully is important, so it’s wise to call a professional if you’re not confident in your skills.

5. Moisture Sensor Issues

Electrolux dryer keeps shutting off

The moisture sensor is vital in determining when your clothes are dry.

If the sensor wires are faulty, they might send incorrect signals to the control board, leading to premature stops.

Additionally, if the whole control panel is malfunctioning, you might also experience the Electrolux dryer won’t start problem.

Easy Fix:

Addressing moisture sensor issues requires a bit of technical know-how.

Start by powering down and unplugging your Electrolux dryer. You’ll need to access the back panel to reach the moisture sensor.

Once there, locate and carefully replace the wiring harness of the sensor.

This task may require a multimeter and other tools for proper diagnosis and replacement.

If this seems overwhelming, seeking help from a professional is advisable.

Final Words

In conclusion, tackling the ‘Electrolux dryer keeps stopping’ issue is about understanding and responding to the problem.

Whether it’s a worn drum belt, an overheating motor, moisture sensor glitches, or issues with the idler pulley or door latch, each problem has a practical solution.

With these expert insights and step-by-step fixes, you can restore your dryer’s efficiency and reliability.

Regular maintenance can prevent many of these issues, ensuring your Electrolux dryer remains a dependable part of your daily routine.

So, roll up your sleeves and confidently bring your dryer back to its optimal performance.

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