Coconut Oil Brands to Avoid: Don’t Buy These

In the quest for the best coconut oil, it’s essential to recognize the worst coconut oil contenders as well. Coconut oil has gained immense popularity due to its versatility and myriad health benefits, but not all brands are created equal.

As a health-conscious consumer, you need to know which brands to avoid and why. In this blog post, I’ll reveal my personal experiences and the drawbacks I’ve found with some popular coconut oil brands.

However, I also want to acknowledge that there are positive aspects to some of these brands as well, so I’ll make sure to present a neutral perspective for your consideration.

List of the Worst Coconut Oil Brands:

Worst Coconut Oil Brands

Great Value Organic, Jason Smoothing, and Crisco Pure Organic are the Coconut Oil brands to avoid due to rancidity, unpleasant smell, off-color, and refining process. Make better, healthier choices for your coconut oil needs.

1. Great Value Organic Coconut Oil

This brand might seem like an affordable option, but the old saying rings true: “You get what you pay for.” One common issue that users, including myself, have reported is a rancid smell emanating from the product.

Some customers have even encountered the oil turning rancid before the expiration date, making it a highly unreliable choice for a health-conscious consumer.

Aside from the smell, there are other drawbacks to this brand. One is the bad taste that many users report. Despite having a few redeeming qualities, such as being organic and budget-friendly, these negative aspects make it difficult to recommend Great Value Organic Coconut Oil.

2. Jason Smoothing Coconut Oil

While some people have praised this brand for its moisturizing capabilities, there are quite a few red flags. For starters, the smell of this product is horrible.

When using coconut oil, you should expect a light, tropical scent, but Jason Smoothing Coconut Oil has a distinct, unpleasant odor.

Moreover, color is another concerning factor. Most coconut oils are white in their solid state and transparent when melted. However, Jason’s product is yellow, which may indicate impurities or contamination.

While the brand may have a few positive points, like being cruelty-free, these alarming drawbacks make it one of the coconut oil brands to avoid.

3. Crisco Pure Organic Coconut Oil

Crisco is a popular brand that offers a variety of oil products. Despite its organic label, there are certain aspects of Crisco Pure Organic Coconut Oil that raise some eyebrows.

One reason why it has no smell or taste and comes at a lower price is that it’s refined oil. Refined oils are produced at high temperatures, sometimes up to 400 degrees, and often use hexane to extract the oil from the copra. Additionally, sodium hydroxide is added to prolong the shelf life.

While the organic label might make it seem like a healthy option, refined oils lack some of the essential nutrients and benefits that unrefined, cold-pressed coconut oils provide.

Furthermore, the refining process can leave traces of chemicals in the final product. Though it may be suitable for some uses, like cooking or baking where the taste is not as crucial, this brand does not live up to the expectations of the health-conscious consumer.

Some other WorstBrands to Avoid that you might want to know:


It’s crucial to be informed about the Worst coconut oil brands when searching for the perfect product. Keep in mind the drawbacks associated with Great Value Organic, Jason Smoothing, and Crisco Pure Organic Coconut Oils, and remember that there are many other high-quality brands on the market that can provide you with the numerous benefits that coconut oil has to offer.

By staying vigilant and informed, you’ll be able to make healthier choices and enjoy the true essence of coconut oil!

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