Pompeian Olive Oil Review 2024 – Tested & Verified

Choosing between different alternatives has always been a headache for me. I think my critical nature is what makes it all so problematic.

And when the subject is my family, man oh man, I consider even the minute details.

After all, family is all we have. My children’s health is my priority and I bear no negligence in it.

For the past two months, I had the chance to experiment with the product range of Pompeian Olive Oil Company.

So, after using it for quite a time now and reading a lot of Pompeian Olive Oil reviews the public on Amazon, here is my review of their product range.

Pompeian Olive Oil Review

Pompeian Olive Oil Review

Fasten your seat belts, because this article will help you make that decision of whether or not to buy their products or are there products worth giving a shot.

About Pompeian:

Founded in 1906 as a food company in Baltimore, Pompeian Inc. is America’s first national brand of imported olive oil.

And now it is comfortably one of the most famous olive oil brands in the United States. 

The Pompeian family authentically crafts this olive oil from the field to the table. You can find it in almost every other Walmart and typical general store. 

The main reason for its fame is its wide availability and ultra-affordability which was also one of the reasons I also bought it.

The company has a wide range of olive oils. We are going to discuss them in detail below:

Pompeian Light Taste Olive Oil:

This is their trademark, basic, typical olive oil. I found it to be quite satisfactory as it has been very helpful for my salad dressings and frying seafood. 

It has a quite high smoke point which is suitable for frying and seen a lot of positive comments about this one.

Many people used it to make soap and some also posted pictures of it. It is because olive oil makes a hard, long-lasting soap having a very soft and gentle cleansing lather. 

Be it drizzling over pizzas or baking stuff, this looked like a winner for the audience as most people left positive reviews on Amazon.

When you deliver quality, end-users may praise you. Because it is ultra-light, it is my go-to choice for cooking. 

Another thing that I have found in all Pompeian products is that they all are gluten-free and all of them are non-GMO which is a very good point considering the health factors of the general public.

In addition, the price is quite reasonable and it is another point that captured public attention. So, overall it is worth buying.

Olive Oil Vareity by Pompeian

Pompeian Mild Taste Olive Oil:

This one is quite similar to the light-tasting olive oil in terms of characteristics. The major difference is that the major purpose they serve is roasting and sauteing. 

Pompeian Mild Taste Olive Oil is used for meat, sauces, kinds of pasta, and pizzas. It also is a great substitute for vegetable and butter oil.

So, if you are the one looking to shift from these oils, it is your go-to oil. It comes with the same gluten-free and allergen-free label.

Also, there is a slight difference in smoke point as it is comparatively lower (410-440F) as compared to the light taste of olive oil. Overall, it is also a good choice if you are looking for olive oil for sauteing and roasting. 

Value for the price, it also managed to garner a lot of positive reviews on Amazon. Many people were satisfied with their purchase and loved the taste and its natural feel. 

Pompeian Rich Taste Olive Oil:

A rich blend of handpicked olives from different parts of the world is a great substitute for butter. The rich taste makes it unique from other types of olive oils in the market. 

The company claims it to be a blend of virgin olive oil and refined olive oil which I am not sure about. But again, a very positive response from customers was seen. 

From my point of view, I think there is room for improvement. It is used for grilling and in sauces most of the time.

It has a low smoke pint compared to the light taste of olive oil. Again, we can see international certification from regulatory bodies such as NAOOA. The marker of non-GMO can again be seen here. 

The olive oil itself is quite fresh and has a good flavor. But I doubt the authenticity of this brand claiming a 100% organic label. 

Chemical tests were conducted by UC DAVIS funded partially by California Olive Oil Council and published by NAOOA.

It showed a 94% failure rate showing some form of alteration in natural olive oil which raises many questions about the company’s claim of being authentic. 

Price again wins the game by a clear margin as it is easily affordable.

Although, some might say it is over-priced as some customers mentioned. But for me, it was quite reasonable. 

Pompeian Smooth Extra Virgin Olive Oil:

If someone would have asked me which one I liked the most, I’d probably say this one. This is one of the most reasonable extra virgin olive oil on the market. 

Having a smooth look and a delicate taste, this one was hands down the real winner for me. I have been searching for a good extra virgin olive oil for quite some time now. 

And when I stumbled upon this on Amazon, I decided to give it a go. After going through the reviews section of it, I was quite confident that this is what I have been looking for. 

Most of the people left quite decent remarks about their purchase.

However, some people were seen complaining about the substandard quality of the lid and usage of the plastic bottle. I have been using it as a part of my skincare and hair routine too.

It is also cold-pressed first within a few hours of its harvest to maintain the originality and freshness of olive oil.

Generally, it is a lot cheaper at Amazon than at Walmart. It is commonly used for sauteing and stir-frying which makes it ideal olive oil for me.

Again, we can see non-GMO, gluten-free, and non-allergen claims by the company which is verified by the NAOOA (North American Olive Oil Association).

Pros and Cons of Pompeian Olive Oil


  • Non-GMO Verified
  • Gluten-Free
  • Allergen-Free
  • BPA free bottle
  • Certified by the NAOOA
  • Wide variety and Availability
  • Affordable and Pocket-friendly


  • Substandard Lid
  • Complaints of chemical addition
  • Use of plastic bottles instead of glass

Is Pompeian Olive Oil Good?

Is Pompeian Olive Oil Good

For everyday cooking purposes, yes, Pompeian Olive Oil is generally good.

It’s affordable, widely available, and works well for sauteing, frying, and general use. The flavors are decent for the price point.

However, if you want the absolute highest-quality, purest olive oil with guaranteed authenticity, then no, Pompeian might not be the best choice.

There are concerns about potential adulteration (mixing with cheaper oils) and their use of plastic bottles isn’t ideal for long-term storage.

Is Pompeian Olive Oil Real and Authentic?

Unfortunately, there’s no clear-cut answer about whether Pompeian Olive Oil is entirely authentic.

While some of their products, like Extra Virgin Olive Oil, carry certifications from the North American Olive Oil Association (NAOOA), the olive oil industry overall has faced issues with adulteration; cheaper oils being mixed in with true olive oil.

Independent tests have raised concerns about the absolute purity of some olive oil brands, and Pompeian hasn’t been entirely immune to these doubts.

If your definition of “real” requires 100% unadulterated olive oil, Pompeian might not always meet that standard. However, if you’re looking for a generally decent and mostly olive oil product, Pompeian could fit the bill.

Ultimately, the type of Pompeian olive oil you choose matters, their Extra Virgin is likely more reliable.

If maximum purity and authenticity are your top priorities and you’re willing to invest more, smaller, artisanal olive oil brands would be a safer choice.

Where is Pompeian Olive Oil made from?

The company was started in the late 19th century in Lucca, Italy. Currently, Pompeian Olive Oil sources its olives from a variety of locations, primarily from countries in the Mediterranean region like Spain, Morocco, and sometimes Argentina.

The specific blend of olives can vary depending on the type of Pompeian olive oil you purchase.

Final Verdict:

Concluding the whole discussion, I think these products are a great deal for the money.

The characteristics they have in the price offered are something you don’t see commonly nowadays.

So, I think it is worth giving a try. If you want olive oil at your ease and convenience which is also pocket-friendly, this must be on your checklist.

This is all from my side for today and I hope this Pompeian Olive Oil Review helps you make a better choice for yourself and your family.


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4 thoughts on “Pompeian Olive Oil Review 2024 – Tested & Verified”

  1. I used to use Walmart Extra Virgin Olive Oil then a report came out that said it was fake Olive Oil. It disappeared virtually overnight & when it resurfaced it was in a new bottle.

    I switched to Pompeian Robust Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Then I started seeing reports about Pompeian being fake. I don’t have a lab so I fell back on the technique which says put it in the fridge at 33.5 degrees for a period of time–if it solidifies it is supposed to be real olive oil. My fridge stays at 35 degrees so I thought that was good enough. After 6 hours not much change but after 20 hours it was totally solidified, not even a slosh. As far as I can tell, Pompeian Robust Extra Virgin Olive Oil is real olive oil.

    • While the fridge test you conducted can indicate whether the oil is pure or not, it’s not a foolproof method as the solidification of olive oil can also depend on factors such as the temperature it was stored in before being put in the fridge, the altitude and climate conditions, and the purity and quality of the oil. It is recommended to look for certifications such as the USDA Certified 100% Pure Seal or the IOOC (International Olive Oil Council) certified extra virgin label to ensure that the olive oil you purchase is authentic and of good quality.

  2. My favorite ‘go to’ is Smooth Extra Virgin first Cold Press Pompeian non GMO. Never overwhelms taste of what I’m cooking. Doesn’t easily smoke and is tasty. Good price and useful for all your needs. I even add a half teaspoon daily to my pet’s dry foods.


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