List of 5 Worst Motorcycle Helmet Brands To Avoid

Worst Moto Helmet Brands to Avoid

“Rule the world but first, wear the crown.”

A rider is incomplete without his helmet, just as the king is incomplete without his crown.

A helmet is one of the first safety measures you need to take if you love biking. To have the best biking experience of your life, you need the best helmet, but how to find one?

Don’t worry. We have got you covered. Before you start your hunt for the best helmet, it is essential to know what exactly you need to avoid so that you don’t end up making a wrong choice.

Therefore, we are here with a few of the worst motorcycle helmet brands to avoid. Make sure to go through these and then start looking for the best helmet.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s jump straight into our review.

List of 5 Worst Motorcycle Helmet Brands to Avoid

Here are 5 of the worst motorcycle brands to stay away from.

Motorcycle Helmet Brands to Avoid


1. AVG

AGV is quite a famous helmet brand when it comes to durability, reliability, and protection. However, when we look at the overall models of this brand, we can’t help but disagree.

Despite being expensive compared to other helmet brands, AGV helmets-according to some consumers- are of very poor quality.

A helmet needs to be perfectly fitted, neither too tight nor too loose. However, some models of AGV come in very odd sizing, which means they are either going to be uncomfortably tight or loose.

Apart from these issues, AGV helmets are also not durable enough to last for a long time. So, it means if you bought a helmet from this brand, you would be wasting all your money.

Have a look at the overall drawbacks of AGV.

Reasons to Avoid

  • Loose chin curtains
  • Thin neck roll
  • Uncomfortable

2. Shoei Qwest

The next one on our list of the 5 motorcycle helmet brands to avoid is Shoei Qwest. The first and the most important thing to look for in a helmet is the safety factor, as that is all we are wearing the helmet in the first place, right?

Many users have complained that some models of this brand have problems with their cheek pads and interior mechanisms.

An anti-fog, anti-scratch, and UV-protected sun visor is another thing that is essential for safety. And that is where these helmets lack. Few consumers have complained that some models also have issues with their sun visors.

Shoei Qwest helmets are made from composite fiberglass, which means they are prone to cracking. The fibers used to make these helmets are pretty elastic, which means that the scratch would spread across the surface area of the helmet.

Let’s go through the overall cons of these helmets.

Reasons to Avoid

  • Not for those with a limited budget
  • No Chin guard attachment
  • Prone to scratches and cracking

3. HJC

With almost 45 years of experience, HJC is one of the oldest helmet brands. Whether you talk about high-quality, comfort, or style, HJC leaves nothing to satisfy its users.

However, few models may say otherwise. You’ll get to hear a lot of people mentioning the poor sound quality of HJC helmets. You will barely hear your music in these helmets.

One user said that the helmet they bought was uncomfortably tight for them and that they got a “terrible headache” due to its fitment problem. The same person was also complaining about the customer service of HJC.

Apart from the noise and fitment, there are many negative reviews about these brands’ ventilation and cheek pad.

We have mentioned the overall drawbacks of this brand to consider it a bad helmet. Take a look.

Reasons to Avoid

  • Heavy
  • Off-sizing
  • No breath deflector in some models

4. Torc

So the next company that we have on our list is quite a famous helmet brand. Torc is known for its structural stability and support. Torc helmets are said to be heavy and absorb a lot of impact during a crash.

However, this is not what you’ll hear about most of their helmets. Many consumers said that some models are lightweight, which might fall if you got into a crash.  

Another person said that their helmet had problems with its sun visor. It fogged up quickly, which can be pretty dangerous.

Moreover, these helmets are not well-insulated. That is why there is a lot of noise due to the wind—still, confused? Then go through the overall cons of this brand.

Reasons to Avoid

  • horrible vertical vision
  • Bluetooth stops working
  • Ventilations is poor

5. Bell

So the last brand might be a little shocking to you as this brand is quite popular. Bell is a very famous helmet maker that has a huge variety of helmets in its product line. 

However, don’t let the popularity fool you. Most helmets by this brand have very poor insulation. It means that they are not appropriately sealed, which is why air gushes in.

Also, before you decide to go for this brand, look whether you are round-headed or narrow-headed. Because if you are someone with a round head, then this brand is not for you as some people have complained that a round-handed person cannot fit in this helmet.

Take a look at the overall drawbacks of this brand.

Reasons to Avoid

  • No chin guard attachment
  • Not for people with glasses
  • Too narrow for round-headed people

So, these were 5 of the worst motorcycle helmet brands that you need to avoid. Now that you are here, how about we tell you the factors you should keep in mind while buying a new helmet. Sounds interesting?

Well, then check out the following guide!

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Motorcycle Helmet Buying Guide

Worst Motorcycle Helmet Brands to Avoid

1) Decide on the Type of Motorcycle Helmet

The first step in buying a motorcycle helmet is to research what makes a good bike helmet.

There are two types of helmets: full face and open face. So, you must know the difference between the two before deciding on which type of helmet to buy.

Full Face Motorcycle Helmets: These helmets cover more than just your head. They also protect your eyes, ears, cheeks, chin, nose, and mouth from damage caused by flying debris and road debris such as rocks or glass shards. They also have an airbag system that deploys at a crash to keep you safe.

Open Face Motorcycle Helmets: This is the second type. These motorcycle helmets are becoming more and more popular among bikers. They’re easy to wear, lightweight, and provide higher visibility than a full-face helmet. Not to mention they’re less bulky and easier to carry around. But, if they won’t protect your face, chin, eyes, mouth, and nose from the flying debris.

2) Size of Helmet

When buying, the most important thing to look at is the size of the helmet. This should be one of the top priorities when buying a motorcycle helmet because it determines the way the helmet fits on your head, as well as how much protection it gives you. The most important size measurements are:

  • Small: 54cm-60cm circumference
  • Medium: 60cm-64cm circumference
  • Large: 64cm-68cm circumference
  • Extra Large: 68cm-74cm circumference

3) Check for Quality

A motorcycle helmet is an essential part of riding a motorcycle that protects the rider from injuries inflicted by accident, such as a fall. It also prevents the rider from sun damage and wind.

The key factors in choosing a quality motorcycle helmet are safety, comfort, durability, and style.

4) Check for Essential Safety Features

A good quality helmet should withstand the force of an impact, be lightweight and comfortable to wear. Also, it must have a face shield that protects the rider’s eyes and have a chin strap that is easy to fit and hold securely.

Wearing a proper motorcycle helmet can offer protection from serious injuries during an accident or other unfortunate event. Here are a few safety features you should look for when buying a new bike helmet:

  • Face shield protects the rider’s eyes from wind and debris;
  • Chin strap sits securely on the face.
  • Ventilation system helps keep your head cool.
  • It has reflector strips for visibility in low light conditions.

Tips and Advice on How to Buy A Motorcycle Helmet Online

Here, we will be focusing on different tips and advice you should consider before buying a motorcycle helmet online.

Some of the most important things you should remember when buying a motorcycle helmet are:

  1. Consider the safety features that it comes with. Make sure that it has an adjustable chin guard and comes with a visor, which can protect your eyes from debris. It should also come equipped with a V-shaped chin strap and DOT certified safety certification.
  2. The fit is important because it could differ from one person to another, so make sure that you measure your head just like how they mentioned in the product description before ordering.
  3. Remember that the price is not always reflective of quality, so do some research before buying.
  4. Check the credibility of a seller by reading both positive and negative reviews to avoid the worst helmet brands.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the lifespan of a motorcycle helmet?

Motorcycle helmets have a life expectancy of around 10 years. Moreover, the helmet lifespan varies depending on the quality and usage of the product.
A cheap helmet with a thin fiberglass shell may only have a lifespan of 5 years. On the other hand, an expensive motorcycle helmet with an impact-resistant outer shell might last for 15 years or more.

Does dropping a motorcycle helmet ruin it?

There is a long-held belief that dropping a motorcycle helmet will ruin the helmet. Some people believe that if you drop it, it will no longer provide protection from injuries.
This myth is not true, according to experts and motorcyclists. Dropping your helmet does not ruin the helmet in any way. But, if your helmet is made of cheap quality, then there is a possibility.

When should I replace my helmet?

If your helmet is damaged, you must replace it immediately. It is vital for safety, and you need to protect yourself.
Always replace your helmet before it’s too late. It’s not just the helmet that needs replacing, and you also need to replace your helmet every time there is any type of change in the design. Otherwise, it won’t offer protection.

Final Thoughts

So, you made it to the end. With the help of this review, we hope that you get to know about the worst motorcycle helmet brands list that you should avoid, and now you are all set to find the best one.

Well, there is no doubt that these brands are indeed renowned, but it cannot be denied that certain aspects and specific models made us consider those brands as worse.

We also found that when you buy a motorcycle helmet, sun visor, fitment, weight, and safety are a few things that are must to consider. So, the next time when you decide to buy a helmet, do look for these features.

To help you decide, we have also included the buyer’s guide so you can choose the best motorcycle helmet brands. Choose the one that you think has all you need.

Note: It is not right to consider a whole brand worse. However, certain aspects or products of those brands gain much negative feedback from their users, which is why we categorize those as the worst brands.  The brands that we have mentioned in today’s review are not based on our personal preferences. Instead, today’s review is solely based on consumer reviews.

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