Car Audio Brands to Avoid: The Worst in the Market

Are you in the market for new car audio equipment? Before you make a decision, it’s essential to know which car audio brands to avoid.

There are some bad car products that simply don’t make the cut, whether it’s due to poor quality or high prices.

We’ve tested several brands, done customer surveys, and compiled a list of reasons why these brands don’t deserve your hard-earned money. So, let’s get started.

Car Audio Brands to Avoid

Based on poor sound quality, durability, and value for money, the worst car audio brands to avoid are MB Quart, Diamond Car Speakers, Dynaudio, Crystal, and Rockford Fostage.

Car Audio Brands to Avoid

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MB Quart

As a car audio enthusiast, I’ve encountered my fair share of disappointing products, and MB Quart has been no exception.

Although the brand has a long history in the industry, recent products have fallen short of expectations.

Despite the higher price tag, the speakers have poor sound quality and inconsistent performance.

In addition, some users have experienced issues with their MB Quart amplifiers overheating or failing altogether after a short period of use.

It’s best to steer clear of MB Quart when seeking high-quality car audio components.

Diamond Car Speakers

My friend recently upgraded his car’s sound system and opted for Diamond 6.5″ Mid-Range Bullet Speakers.

Excited to experience the improved audio quality, he quickly installed them and eagerly started playing his favorite tunes.

Unfortunately, his excitement quickly turned to disappointment as these were the worst car speaker brands we had ever encountered.

He first noticed that the sound quality resembled a tin can. The audio was tinny and lacked depth, making for an underwhelming listening experience.

The speakers were not very loud, even when the volume was significantly reduced.

This was frustrating, as he had hoped for a more immersive sound experience with his new speakers.

To make matters worse, one of the speakers seemed to be bent.

This indicates poor build quality and a lack of proper quality control, which you would not expect from a reputable brand.

Bad Car Audio Brands


While Dynaudio might have a strong reputation in the home audio market, its car audio products have been subject to criticism. In fact, it is one of the worst car audio brands to avoid.

Many users mentioned that they found the sound quality lacking, especially considering the premium price.

Furthermore, the speakers seemed to suffer from durability issues. Some people reported that they stopped working after only a few months.

With these factors in mind, I can’t in good conscience recommend Dynaudio as a top choice for car audio.


When it comes to car audio, you want a brand that delivers great performance at a reasonable price. Unfortunately, Crystal does not fit the bill.

I wanted to buy Crystal Car speakers, so I navigated various forums online and talked to a friend who has used this brand.

As it turns out, many users complained about the lack of bass and overall audio quality of Crystal speakers.

Additionally, some people mentioned that the components didn’t last very long before needing to be replaced.

I decided to avoid buying this bad car audio brand and will not suggest it to anyone considering upgrading their car audio system.

Rockford Fosgate

Worst Car Audio Brands

As you search for the perfect car speakers to upgrade your sound system, you may come across the Rockford Fosgate brand.

Despite the brand’s popularity, there have been instances where users found the sound quality to be less than satisfactory.

Particularly in the mid-range frequencies, you might notice that the audio lacks the richness and balance you seek.

Another concern you should be mindful of is the durability of Rockford Fosgate speakers.

There have been reports of the speakers malfunctioning or ceasing to work after a short period of use.

This is not ideal when investing your hard-earned money into an audio upgrade, as you expect a certain level of reliability and longevity from your purchase.

Do yourself a favor, and avoid this bad audio car brand.

6 Red Flags to Identify Worst Car Audio Brands

Identifying low-quality car audio brands to avoid can be challenging, but several key factors can be considered:

Sound Quality:

Poor sound quality is a sign of an inferior car audio brand. Listen for unclear, distorted, or weak audio and an imbalance between bass, midrange, and treble frequencies.

A good car audio system should produce a clear and balanced sound.

Worst Car Speakers

Wattage Ratings:

Be cautious of brands that claim high wattage ratings without providing the true power output.

To better understand the power performance, check and compare the RMS wattage ratings with user reviews.

Overemphasis on Features:

Some brands may focus on numerous features while neglecting sound quality.

While features like Bluetooth connectivity and customizable equalizers can be useful, they shouldn’t overshadow the importance of good audio components.

Installation Difficulty:

Read regular and expert reviews to understand the product’s simplicity and the cars it works with. Poorly designed components make the installation challenging.


Inferior car audio brands may have a history of producing systems that break down or fail prematurely.

Investigate the brand’s reputation for durability by seeking information on component lifespan and common issues.

Price-to-Performance Ratio:

While choosing the cheapest car audio system is tempting, low prices may indicate poor quality components and performance. Look for a balance between affordability and quality.


Investing in a high-quality car audio system is essential for an enjoyable listening experience.

To make the best decision, it’s crucial to identify and avoid the worst car audio brands, such as MB Quart, Diamond Car Speakers, and Rockford Fosgate.

These brands often suffer from poor sound quality, exaggerated wattage ratings, and durability issues.

By prioritizing a harmonious blend of cost and quality, you can discover the perfect car audio upgrade that amplifies your driving enjoyment.

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