How to Fix Air Fryer Touch Screen Not Working? 9 Easy Tips

If you’ve run into the issue of an unresponsive touch screen on your air fryer, the frustration is real.

You’re all set for a quick, healthy meal, and suddenly, your high-tech appliance isn’t cooperating.

But before you let the stress get to you, take a deep breath because we’re here to help you.

We’ll explore the common reasons why your Air Fryer Touch Screen is not working and provide step-by-step solutions to fix the problem.

You’ll easily restore your bad air fryer to its former glory and return to cooking those delicious meals.

Quick Solution: You can easily fix the air fryer’s touch screen by cleaning the screen, checking the power supply, and adjusting internal settings. For stubborn problems, consult professionals or consider replacements.

9 Reasons Why Air Fryer Touch Screen Won’t Work?

Navigating your air fryer’s menu with a touch screen is undoubtedly convenient. Still, you’re left scratching your head when it suddenly becomes unresponsive.

Let’s get into the nitty-gritty of the common culprits behind an unresponsive air fryer touch screen so you can tackle the issue head-on.

Air Fryer Touch Screen Not Working

Grease Build-up

In the kitchen, oily residue is often an inevitable by-product of cooking.

This residue can accumulate on your air fryer’s touch screen, impairing its ability to register your touch commands.

A clean screen is usually a responsive screen.

Electrical Malfunction

It’s easy to overlook, but a faulty electrical supply or a dysfunctional socket can indeed affect your air fryer’s operation.

Before suspecting the appliance, verify your home’s electrical system is stable.

Accidental Falls

Kitchen environments can sometimes be chaotic, leading to occasional bumps or falls for your appliances.

Even if your air fryer appears undamaged externally, such incidents could jostle internal components, potentially affecting your touch screen’s performance.

Faulty Internal Components

Critical components within the air fryer, like the membrane switch and control board, are central to your touch screen’s functionality.

If these parts encounter problems, your interactive panel may show signs of failure, ranging from minor glitches to complete inactivity.

Lifespan and Build Quality

Another reason your Air Fryer touch screen is not working could be the appliance quality and the age.

These can be the silent contributors to touch screen malfunctions.

Inexpensive or older models are generally more susceptible to various forms of wear and tear, including touch screen issues.

Voltage Fluctuations

Air fryers are designed to operate within specific voltage ranges. A sudden spike in electrical voltage could stress the membrane switch, leading to air fryer touch screen abnormalities.

Software Hang-ups

Just like a bad laptop or smartphone might need an occasional reboot, the software running your air fryer isn’t immune to hiccups.

Software-related issues could sometimes freeze the touch screen, and a simple restart might resolve it.

Air Fryer Touch Screen won't work

Environmental Elements

Conditions such as high humidity levels or extreme temperature variations can also impact how well your touch screen responds.

Such environmental factors are often overlooked but can be significant.

Barrier Between Touch and Screen

Particular types of touch screens used in air fryers require a direct physical touch. The screen may not acknowledge your command if you use any cloth or gloves.

Keep the path between the screen and your finger clear.

How to Fix Air Fryer Touch Screen Not Working?

Now that we’ve identified the factors contributing to your air fryer touch screen woes, let’s focus on actionable steps to bring your appliance back to life.

Elementary Solutions

Wipe Down the Screen

Something as simple as cleaning the screen with a soft, lint-free cloth can often make a world of difference.

Remove any built-up grease or grime affecting the touch screen’s responsiveness.

Verify the Electrical Connection

It might sound rudimentary, but try unplugging your air fryer and then plugging it back into the power outlet. You’d be amazed at how many issues a basic reset can resolve.

Assess the Power Situation

It’s worth verifying if your locale is undergoing a power outage or if a broader electrical issue could affect the appliance’s performance.

Eliminate Physical Barriers

The touch screen may not register your inputs correctly if you wear gloves or wet hands. Make sure there’s direct contact between your finger and the screen.

Intermediate-Level Solutions

Adjust the Screen’s Edges

The touch screen may have shifted slightly if your appliance has recently suffered any bumps or drops.

Gently tapping the edges can re-align the screen and restore functionality.

Ensure the Appliance is Dry

If your air fryer has been exposed to moisture or spills, drying it out is crucial before using it again.

Fixing Air Fryer Touch Screen

Firm Up the Door

Sometimes, an ill-fitting door can cause the appliance to malfunction. Make sure the door is securely closed, and you might just find your touch screen starts responding again.

Advanced Troubleshooting

If you’ve tried the above solutions and your air fryer screen is still not working, then it’s time to get to the technical solutions.

Examine the Membrane Switch

If you’re comfortable with technology, inspect the membrane switch for irregularities.

However, unless you’re well-versed in appliance repair, this is generally better left to professionals.

Consult Qualified Technicians/Reach Out to the Manufacturer

When DIY solutions fail, consulting with a qualified service technician or contacting the manufacturer is sensible.

They can run specific diagnostic tests to identify and fix the air fryer touch screen problem efficiently.

Consider Replacements

Consider replacing the touch screen or the entire appliance as a last option.

If your air fryer is under warranty, you should be able to get a replacement or repair without additional costs.

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Final Words

When you’re ready to indulge in some quick and delicious recipes, the last thing you want to face is a non-cooperative air fryer.

A touch screen that’s giving you the silent treatment can bring your culinary aspirations to a sudden halt.

But now you’re well-equipped to handle any hitches in your air fryer’s touch screen functionality.

Whether it’s a pesky layer of grease, an inconsistent electrical supply, or some internal component gone rogue, you’ve got many strategies to address the issue head-on.

From elementary quick fixes to consulting the pros, you now have a full arsenal of options to restore your appliance’s responsive touch.

So the next time you find yourself thinking, why is my air fryer touch screen not working? Remember, you’ve got this. All you need is a systematic approach and a bit of patience.

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