Gourmia Air Fryer Touch Screen Not Working? 9 Easy Fixes

Every kitchen enthusiast appreciates the efficiency and ease of use that comes with the Gourmia air fryer. But when the touch screen acts up, it feels like a major setback.

“Is your Gourmia Air Fryer Touch Screen not working?” If that’s the question that brought you here, rest assured, you’re about to find not only the reasons but also the solutions to this problem.

Apart from unresponsive touch, other common issues that give headaches to users are the Gourmia air fryer fan not working and the Gourmia air fryer not turning on.

Easy Fix: You can easily fix the unresponsive Gourmia air fryer screen by cleaning the screen, removing the barriers, closing the door securely, and replacing the broken or damaged screen.

How to Fix Gourmia Air Fryer Touch Screen Not Working

Gourmia Air Fryer Touch Screen not Working

When the touch screen of your Gourmia air fryer refuses to cooperate, it can stem from various sources. Let’s see the common problems that will provide a clearer roadmap to their resolution.

Also, I’ll tell you how to troubleshoot that specific problem so your Gourmia air fryer touch screen starts working.

1. Dust on the Screen

We all understand the kitchen can be a messy place. Over time, it’s easy for dust, grease, and various residues to make a home on your Gourmia air fryer’s screen.

This seemingly minor accumulation can interfere with touch sensitivity.

Quick Fix:

Ensure the fryer is unplugged. Gently clean the screen with a soft cloth that’s been slightly dampened.

Make sure to dry the screen thoroughly after wiping. Once cleaned, your screen should glide effortlessly to your touch.

2. Gloves On? A Barrier to Connection

Using gloves in the kitchen is a hygiene win, but they might be a tech fail.

Touch screens rely on sensing the electrical charge from our fingertips, and gloves can disrupt this.

Quick Fix:

Before adjusting the settings on your air fryer, remove your gloves. This direct touch often proves more responsive.

3. Power Glitches: Addressing the Internal Network

Within every Gourmia air fryer is a network of internal wiring that facilitates its operations.

When one of these connections goes awry, the touch screen may not function as intended.

Quick Fix:

A good starting point is to inspect the power cable and the socket for any visible issues.

If everything looks in order, seeking the expertise of a professional might be the next logical step to examine internal components.

4. Door Errors: A Matter of Safety

The door mechanism in your fryer is designed with safety in mind. If that door isn’t latched perfectly, the unit ensures all operations come to a standstill, and that includes the touch screen.

This design might be an inconvenience at times, but it’s a small price to pay for safety.

Gourmia Air Fryer Touch Screen won't work

Quick Fix:

A simple yet essential step – make sure the door is securely closed. However, if you’ve double and triple-checked and the issue remains, it could be time to consider the possibility of faulty sensors or perhaps a door replacement.

5. A Broken Screen: Beyond the Surface

An accidental drop or unexpected knock could do more than just leave a visible mark.

Such impacts can compromise the inner workings of the touch screen, leading to unpredictable responses or a complete lack of feedback.

Quick Fix:

Whether there’s a visible crack or not, if your Gourmia air fryer is not working after an accident, the most straightforward solution would be to replace it.

6. Mylar Plastic Membrane: Behind the Touch

Situated beneath the touch panel, this humble membrane is a game-changer, ensuring every touch is registered and relayed.

Yet, time and repeated use can wear it down, causing disruptions in its typically smooth operations.

Quick Fix:

If you believe the membrane might be the issue, it’s best to consult professionals or the manufacturer to evaluate its condition and recommend solutions.

7. Control Panel Concerns: Central Operations

The control panel is essential for the fryer’s overall functionality. Any issues here can manifest as unresponsiveness touch screen.

Quick Fix: 

Before considering replacements or repairs, try a basic restart. If problems continue, contacting Gourmia’s customer service can provide further assistance.

Fixing Gourmia Air Fryer Touch Screen

8. Effects of Long-Term Use: Natural Wear Over Time

All great things have their moment in the sun, and appliances are no exception. Consistent usage over the years can slowly erode its efficiency and responsiveness.

Quick Fix:

If you’re frequently encountering issues or noticing a significant drop in performance, it might be a sign. Perhaps it’s time to explore the features of the latest models on offer.

9. Factory Defects: Addressing Unforeseen Issues

No manufacturing process, no matter how rigorous, is entirely immune to occasional defects.

In the vast world of appliances, even top-notch brands like Gourmia can sometimes produce a unit with undetected issues.

When your Gourmia air fryer touch screen doesn’t work, it might be due to such anomalies rather than wear and tear or external factors.

Quick Fix: 

It’s crucial not to jump to conclusions. If you’ve recently bought your air fryer and are facing issues right out of the box, it might be a manufacturing oversight. Don’t hesitate to reach out to Gourmia.

They’re likely to offer quick solutions, and if your product is under warranty, they may provide a hassle-free replacement or repair.

10. Counterfeit Products

With the soaring popularity of Gourmia air fryers, the market, unfortunately, sees its share of counterfeits.

These replicas might appear genuine on the surface, but their performance often falls short.

One common issue with these knock-offs is that the Gourmia air fryer touch screen will only work sometimes, leading to frustration and regret.

Quick Fix:

Safeguarding against counterfeit products begins at the point of purchase. Ensure you’re buying from a trusted dealer or, better yet, directly from Gourmia’s official website.

Authentic products come with a guarantee of quality, and in the off chance there’s an issue, the company’s customer service is there to assist.

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Final Words

In the realm of kitchen innovations, your Gourmia air fryer stands out as a testament to convenience and efficiency.

It’s unsettling when something as essential as the touch screen starts acting up.

But fret not! With the insights you’ve gained from this guide, the mystery behind the Gourmia air fryer touch screen not working issue is no longer a puzzle.

Whether it’s a minor obstruction or a more significant technical glitch, you now have the tools and knowledge to tackle it head-on.

Here’s to many more seamless cooking sessions, ensuring your Gourmia air fryer remains an indispensable part of your culinary adventures. Happy frying!

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