5 Worst Trombone Brands to avoid in 2022

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When it comes to musical instruments, Brass instruments are still a popular choice. There are several types of brass musical instruments out there, but the trombone remains a prominent pick.

It is one of the oldest instruments, which was first developed in the 15th century and is still intact in its original shape. The trombone comes in various types, and the most famous ones are the tenor, bass, and alto trombone.

However, buying your first-ever trombone is not easy because there are a number of options out there. So, it is essential to know the worst trombone brands to avoid in order to pursue your journey at the highest level.

A poor quality trombone in your hand can make you frustrated because they produce mediocre sound and are difficult to learn and play. It may also lead you to quit playing the trombone.

List of 5 Worst Trombone Brands to avoid

Trombone Brands to avoid

To help you pick the right instrument, our team has collected vital information on the bad trombone brands.

To make an unbiased list, we got feedback from the musical bands, experienced teachers, and the students using the below-mentioned models.

So, we have concluded the final list based on the performance, build quality, good range, functionality, tone consistency, longevity, price, and sound quality.

Check out the list of the worst trombone brands to avoid in 2022.

1) Glory GTD-2

Glory GTD-2 worst trombone brand

Glory horns are popular for being the most durable instruments on the market at affordable price ranges. But the Glory GTD-2 is not well regarded by its users.

It is a simple Alto trombone with a B flat pitch. The GTD-2 is designed for entry-level and intermediate students to meet their needs on a low budget.

However, it produces inconsistent tones, and beginners found it difficult to generate beautiful sound. Before you buy the B flat brass trombone, you must check out the following drawbacks.

Reasons to Avoid

  • Lacks sound consistency
  • It is hard to tune that might be frustrating for beginners and intermediate students
  • Since it is cheap, the build quality is not up to standard
  • Maintaining a pitch is difficult

2) Tromba TRB-BK

Tromba TRB-BK

The Tromba TRB-BK is an entry-level trombone made with strong ABS plastic. The construction of the instrument is very solid, making it dent free. The horns are also available in multiple colors that enhance the outer appearance.

Despite its solid body construction, it is not solid in producing quality tones. The following are reasons to stay away from this model.

Reasons to Avoid

  • Since it is made of plastic, the sound quality is not as great as brass instruments
  • Slide action is not very smooth and difficult to operate
  • The tones are not very bright that may fail to deliver a marvelous performance
  • A plastic mouthpiece may not give you the same feeling compared to the one with metal

3) Ammoon Tenor Trombone

Ammoon Tenor Trombone brand to avoid

Ammoon is a well-known name in the musical instrument industry for producing high quality instruments. But, the Ammoon B Flat has failed to satisfy its users for various reasons.

It is an Alto trombone with a brass gold lacquer finishing. The B Flat is designed for both entry and advanced level students to enhance their performances.

Before you count on the Ammoon B Flat, you must check the following drawbacks.

Reasons to Avoid

  • The instrument is fragile and gets dented easily
  • Inconsistent intonation
  • It is limited to the B Flat only
  • The sliding action is not very smooth due to the low-quality grease

4) Moz Tenor Trombone

Moz Tenor Trombone

You might be reading the name of this brand for the first, but it is a top-selling instrument online.

The Moz tenor trombone is Bb flat horn crafted with nickel plated finish. The shiny silver color makes it more pleasing in appearance. But, is it really worth buying?

Its mediocre performance made it to the list of trombone brands to avoid.

Reasons to Avoid

  • Beginners may find the F attachment difficult to use
  • Tones are inconsistent
  • The tones are not very bright
  • The build quality is not well regarded

5) Merano WD427SV-MT

Merano WD427SV-MT trombone brands to avoid

The Merano WD427SV-MT is a simple Tenor trombone with a B flat pitch. It is designed for students with budget constraints. But, it has got the worst feedback from the students.

Its silver color is quite attention-grabbing. However, the performance of this model is below average. Here are the reasons to stay away from this cheap horn.

Reasons to Avoid

  • The build quality of the horn is inferior
  • The tones are inconsistent and not loud enough
  • It is tough to play, and even professionals found the playability difficult
  • It is very weak and gets scratched and bends quickly
  • Slide action is very rough

Final Words

People often end up buying a poor trombone model when the cheap units easily allure them. While buying, it is imperative to keep in mind the worst trombone brands to avoid at all costs. These bad instruments can ruin your playing experience while pursuing your musical career.

Never pick a cheap option, especially online. There are many fake sellers available with inferior quality horns at the lowest prices. Although these cheap instruments look intriguing, they don’t produce decent tones.

It would be better if you visit the music store and try out different models. In this way, you can easily identify the brand that suits your playing style well.

But, never rely on the recommendations of musical stores because they often recommend the sponsored products, and you may end up buying a poor model. Before buying, always consult with your musical teachers. They are unbiased sources and can give you honest feedback on which instrument to buy and which one to avoid.

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