Ikea Dishwasher Problems & Troubleshooting [Repairing Tips]

Ikea Dishwasher Problems

If you’re an Ikea fan, then you’ll know that the brand can be very hit and miss. But what if your dishwasher is on the fritz?

Ikea’s dishwashers are renowned for their reliability. In fact, they’ve won awards for it. But now, the brand has admitted that its dishwashers do have a few problems.

Let’s take a look at what these common Ikea dishwasher problems are and how you can fix them yourself.

1. Ikea Dishwasher Not Draining: 

The first problem you’ll run into is that your dishwasher won’t drain properly. If you have a dishwasher that’s not draining, it could be caused by a faulty drain hose or clogged drain pipe.

On the other hand, if your dishwasher is draining, but not completely, then it could be a problem with the pump.

It’s better to contact Ikea customer support if you’re not sure what the issue is. They’ll be able to identify the issue and, if required, make arrangements for repairs.

2. Ikea Dishwasher Leaking: 

This is the second most common issue individuals have with their Ikea dishwashers.

When you run your dishwasher, the water in the tank should be full. But if the dishwasher is leaking, then you’ll notice that there’s a water stain on the kitchen floor.

There are a number of reasons why this could happen, and the most common reason is that the seal around the drain pipe has become damaged.

In this case, you’ll need to replace the seal. Another possibility is that the seal around the drain hose has become damaged.

A leak in the hose usually causes this, and if this is the case, then you’ll need to replace the hose.

3. Noisy Dishwasher: 

A problem that is probably the most common complaint you’ll see on online forums. It might be a number of factors if your dishwasher produces a lot of noise while it’s running.

It’s possible that your dishwasher’s engine is making a lot of noise. Wearing bearings or a worn seal might cause this. It is also possible that the seal has deteriorated, which is a common problem with many dishwashers.

4. Not Enough Water: 

The next problem that you’ll run into is that the dishwasher won’t have enough water. You’ll need to adjust the water level if this is the case.

You will need to take the dishwasher’s rear panel off and adjust the water level.

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You should be able to fix most of these Ikea Dishwasher problems yourself.

If you have any issues with your dishwasher, contact Ikea’s customer support department, and their team will be able to identify the issue and, if required, make arrangements for repairs.

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