CHiQ TV Review – Things to Know Before Buying

CHiQ TV Review

The market is flooded with TVs, but not all of them have the same high-quality features and specs. So, how do you know which one is best for you? 

CHiQ TV has been around for years and is one of the best-selling brands online. However, all of their models are not of top quality so you should do research before buying from a store.

Therefore, I have written the CHiQ TV review after doing my research to help you choose the best model out there. Today, I will be reviewing their top-selling models and tell you whether they are worth your money or not. 

3 CHiQ TV Reviews

Here is my take on the CHiQ TVs currently available on the market.


1. CHiQ U43G7H Review

CHiQ U43G7H Review

– Screen size: 43 Inches
– Screen Technology: LED
– HD Type: Ultra HD- 4K
– Operating System: Android TV 9.0
– Model Number: U43G7H
– Connectivity Technology: 
Bluetooth, WiFi, Ethernet
– Warranty: 3 Year

The CHiQ U43G7H TV is ideal for viewing movies, streaming videos, and playing games. This is a very big screen and a great way to enjoy your favourite entertainment content.

It has a powerful CPU and runs on the latest Android TV 9.0 operating system, which means it can run all of the latest apps. Using the remote control, you can effortlessly move around the interface and enjoy the content.

You may also view videos on the large screen by connecting your phone or tablet to this TV.

The U43G7H comes with lots of features. It has a built-in Google Assistant that lets you operate the TV with voice commands.

You can easily access the Google Play store to watch movies and other content. The remote control is Bluetooth enabled and you can connect your device to it using a wireless connection.

This TV is easy to set up and works with the majority of smart home devices. If you are searching for a good-quality TV at a reasonable price, this is a great option.

However, the remote of the TV is on the downside, which stops operating after 3 to 6 months.

  • Good picture quality
  • Bright panel
  • Excellent color range
  • Poor Remote battery
  • Average Build Quality

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2. CHiQ L40G7H Smart TV

CHiQ L40G7H Smart TV

– Screen size: 40 Inches
– Screen Technology: LED
– HD Type: 
Full HD
– Operating System: Android TV 9.0
– Model Number: L40G7H
– Connectivity Technology: 
Bluetooth, WiFi, Ethernet
– Warranty: 3 Year

I have been using a smart TV for a few months now, and the quality is pretty average.

The display is a 40-inch LED one, so it can handle high-definition content, and you can also use it with a Bluetooth speaker to get more audio output. 

There are some cool features like the HDR support, which lets you watch content in more detail and brighter colours.

This makes it easier to see the details of the video, so you can focus more on what’s happening on screen. It’s especially useful when watching movies or sporting events.

The Google Assistant comes built-in, and you can use it to interact with your TV in various ways. You can ask it questions about the weather or the latest news, and it’ll give you the information you need.

It works well with Chromecast too, so you can easily cast content from your phone onto the TV. This makes it easy to play music and watch videos from your smartphone, tablet, laptop, and more.

There’s also a built-in ethernet port, so you can connect a cable to your home network to get more internet access. The WiFi is also pretty fast too, with a maximum speed of 802.11ac.

The CHiQ L40G7H Smart TV also comes with an HDMI port, so you can plug in any other device to enjoy content on the TV. You can even use a keyboard and mouse to control it if you want.

It’s also compatible with Amazon FireTV, Roku, and Apple TV, so you can use these apps to watch content too.

However, it’s not compatible with Windows or macOS though, so you’ll need to use a different device if you want to watch movies or play games.

Overall, it’s a pretty good smart TV, and I like how it’s easy to control and use. However, it does have a couple of issues that I would like to see fixed by the company.

  • Compatible with Roku and Apple TV
  • Voice command features
  • Google Assistant comes built-in
  • The colors are not very bright
  • Average build quality

3. CHiQ U65G7H 65 Inch Review

CHiQ U65G7H 65 Inch Review

– Screen size: 65 Inches
– Screen Technology: LED
– HD Type: 
Ultra HD- 4K
– Operating System:
Android TV 9.0
– Model Number: U65G7H
– Connectivity Technology: 
Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Ethernet
– Warranty: 3 Year

The CHiQ U65G7H 65 inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV is a great option for those looking for a smart TV that is compact and can be mounted on a wall or stand.

It features all the latest technology and comes with built-in Chromecast support, so you can use your smartphone, tablet, or other devices to play content on it.

It also has a remote control, so you can easily change channels, adjust the volume, and control your entertainment on the go.

The CHiQ LED has an ultra-thin design which makes it easy to mount and keep out of sight. It is perfect for people who are looking for a simple, yet stylish TV.

The display is also extremely bright, so you can watch it from any distance without having to strain your eyes.

You can use your smartphone, tablet, or other devices to play content on this TV using the built-in Chromecast support. With Chromecast support, you can connect the TV to your smartphone, tablet, or other devices to stream content directly to the TV screen.

You can also cast apps, websites, videos, and games on the TV, and you can even use Google Assistant to control the TV.

The CHiQ LED TV also has a smart home control feature that allows you to control your home’s smart devices using the TV remote control. You can turn your lights on and off, adjust your thermostat, and lock your doors using the TV remote control.

It is compatible with Android TV, which means you can easily access apps and entertainment from your smartphone or tablet.

The TV also works with Google Assistant, so you can use your voice to interact with it. You can ask your Google Assistant for help finding movies, shows, or apps, and it will provide the information instantly.

The TV comes with a 3-year manufacturer warranty. It also has a standard one-year warranty on parts and labour.

However, the cost of this model is a little high. At the same price as this TV, there are many better alternatives available on the market.

  • Bright panel
  • Strong contrast and colour
  • Good picture quality
  • Comprehensive smart TV features
  • Pricey

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is CHiQ an Android TV?

CHiQ is an Android TV, which is a platform that allows you to view your favourite movies, series, and games on your TV.

How Long Do CHiQ TVs Last?

This depends on your TV’s brand and size, and the quality of the TV. It can range from 4 to 7 years, so you will need to take care of it properly and check it regularly to make sure it still works well.

Final Words

Whether you’re looking for the perfect TV, a new smartphone, or a tablet, or you just want to make the most of your home, you’ll find what you need here. CHiQ TV offers a range of innovative products that bring the best of technology to life.

Therefore, in today’s CHiQ TV review I have summarized their top-selling models with their pros and cons. I hope this will now help you to make the best decision on buying a TV from CHiQ. 

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