Worst Sewing Machine Brands to Avoid in 2024

Knowing about the worst sewing machines is crucial for selecting the good quality sewing machines in the market.

But, there are hundreds of sewing machine brands out there. So, picking the right option is not that easy.

To ease your efforts, our team has reviewed the top selling sewing machines brands on the market to prepare the list. So, make sure to check our list of the worst sewing machine brands to avoid before buying.

List of 5 Worst Sewing Machine Brands to Avoid


If you are looking for a good and proper sewing machine, stay away from the following 5 brands of sewing machines brands. We have made a list based on the performance, features, research done by our expert team, and reviews given by the users.

Although these sewing machines are cheap but are actually very bad in usage, we cannot recommend you to buy them.

However, always purchase a well-known sewing machine brand. In this way, you have more chances of having a good quality sewing machine.

1) VOF Sewing Machine

VOF is a cheap Chinese sewing machine. It mainly manufactures household sewing machines available in different designs and colors.

This sewing machine is not good for heavy-duty. Its automatic thread also rewind malfunctions during the sewing process, making it one of the worst sewing machines of the present time.

Moreover, this sewing machine also has one of the lowest ratings among the worst sewing machines in the market. It is also not recommended for heavy-duty.

Why avoid VOF:

  • Not suitable for the heavy work
  • Malfunctioned thread automatic system
  • It can be used only for limited purposes

2) Jukky Sewing Machine

Jukky is a Chinese semi-automatic sewing machine. This machine is most famous among the list of worst sewing machines from the Chinese markets.

The life of this sewing machine is limited due to inferior body parts. Although it is a multi-functional sewing machine, it can be used for limited purposes.

Reasons to Avoid Jukky:

  • Inferior parts
  • Frequently malfunctioned during the working
  • Low ratings by the users
  • No local service

3) Toahine Sewing Machine

Toahine is another cheap quality Chinese sewing machine. Most of the time, it does not last for a season after continuous work.

Needle breaking is frequent in this sewing machine that disturbs the users. It is also very fast in wasting the yards of the threads.

After a detailed review by our team, we found this sewing machine unsuitable for the users, especially for those who work for long hours on the machine.

Why not Consider Toahine:

  • It breaks needle frequently
  • Waste lot of thread during the working
  • Not good continuous working

4) Oemer Sewing Machine

Oemer mostly produces single needle lockstitch direct drive sewing machines. These sewing machines are good for heavy-duty due to their low-quality parts.

Furthermore, most of the time, this sewing machine caught the thread in the bobbin hole. According to the reviews by the users, it gives more trouble than working.

Our review team does not recommend this sewing machine to the users. So, it is best for the users to stay away from this sewing machine.

Why Avoid Oemer:

  • Catches thread in the bobbin hole
  • It gives more trouble than output
  • More negative reviews by the users


The IRIS GEMMA brand is also among the low-ranking sewing machines. Most of the users give negative ratings after using this sewing machine.

Moreover, during the heavy work, this sewing machine also wastes a lot of thread and disturbs the working of the users.

So, it is the recommendation from our team after a detailed review to stay away from this sewing machine.


  • Low rating sewing machine
  • It wastes a lot of thread
  • Not ideal for continuous working


To sum up, it is very significant to know about the worst brands of a particular type before purchasing something. This trick can help you in saving your hard-earned money.

Nowadays, there are hundreds of sewing machines, few are good, and others are low-quality sewing machines. To save yourself from loss, it is crucial to know the worst sewing machine brands in the market.

In this article, we have provided you with a detailed discussion about the worst sewing machines. Now the choice is yours.

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