6 Worst Kombucha Brands to Avoid + 3 Premium Options

Are you hooked on kombucha but not sure if your go-to brand is giving you the best bang for your buck? You’re not alone.

As the popularity of this fermented delight skyrockets, the market is flooded with options—some good, some not so much.

 Today, we’re pouring out the truth about the worst kombucha brands, which may look tempting but fail to deliver.

These brands may not be your best pick, from inconsistent flavor profiles to steep prices.

5 Worst Kombucha Brands

Due to lack of flavor, taste, and quality, the worst kombucha brands to avoid are Forage, Holy, Bear’s Fruit, Humm, Brew Dr., and Wild Tonic.

Worst Kombucha Brands

1. Forage Kombucha

Don’t get me wrong, a visually pleasing package often catches the eye, and Forage Kombucha has nailed that aspect with its floral can designs.

But when you crack open a can, expecting a refreshing sip, the experience starts to fizzle out. This is where we talk about some of the worst kombucha flavors in the market.

The selection is limited—think basic profiles like “Tropical” and “Lemon Ginger.” They’re not inventive, to say the least, and are quite forgettable regarding taste complexity.

They’ve invested more in the visual aspect of the product than in the actual kombucha quality. When it comes to flavor, Forage leaves a lot to be desired.

2. Holy Kombucha

It’s hard not to appreciate a brand with a social mission. Holy Kombucha ticks that box by promoting suicide prevention, a cause that many would stand behind.

However, things get a bit murky when we shift the focus to their organic tea. The brand offers an array of flavors, but the taste quality is inconsistent.

One bottle might offer a unique and robust flavor profile, while the next leaves you wondering if it’s from the same brand.

This inconsistency in flavor makes Holy Kombucha a less reliable choice for regular consumption, putting it on the list of bad kombucha brands to avoid.

3. Bear’s Fruit

Kombucha Brands to Avoid

One would assume that a higher price tag implies a superior product, especially regarding kombucha.

That’s what I initially thought with Bear’s Fruit. The brand’s limited selection of unique-sounding flavor combinations promised an intriguing culinary adventure.

However, it was one of the worst teas I’ve ever tasted. The flavors felt restrained, almost as if they were holding back their full potential.

And let’s not sidestep the price; given the not-so-remarkable experience, it’s hard to justify your premium for what you get.

Bear’s Fruit doesn’t quite make the cut in terms of flavor and value.

4. Humm Kombucha

Humm Kombucha has something for everyone, offering an extensive lineup that includes zero-sugar and caffeinated options.

The brand seems to have tapped into various consumer preferences, which is commendable. However, where Humm loses its edge is in the flavor balance.

The sweetness in many of their offerings is so overpowering that you could easily mistake it for a soda.

It lacks the nuanced flavor profile typically expected from a fermented tea drink.

So, while Humm gets points for variety, it falls short when delivering a balanced, authentic kombucha experience.

5. Wild Tonic

Next on my list of worst kombucha drinks is Wild Tonic. The brand makes an intriguing first impression with its Jun-based kombuchas.

For those not in the know, Jun is a type of kombucha fermented with honey instead of cane sugar. Sounds exotic and tempting, right? That’s what drew me in.

The company also commits to eco-friendly practices, adding another layer of appeal.

You’d think with these innovative and conscious choices, Wild Tonic would deliver a top-tier kombucha experience.

However, upon tasting, the excitement waned. While using Jun offers a different sweetness thanks to the honey, the drinks often felt dull in their overall flavor complexity.

Several flavors felt watered-down, missing that robust, fermented kick that one looks for in a kombucha.

It’s as if the uniqueness of using Jun was supposed to carry the entire experience, but it just couldn’t.

Moreover, the brand offers hard kombucha options, which could have been an exciting twist.

However, these, too, fell short of expectations, lacking the distinctive qualities that could set them apart in an already crowded market.

In short, Wild Tonic does bring something new to the table. Still, that novelty doesn’t necessarily translate into a better or more satisfying kombucha experience.

It’s an interesting divergence from traditional kombucha but not necessarily an improvement.

6. Brew Dr.

Bad Kombucha Brands

The brand seemingly has all the right ingredients for success: a diverse flavor lineup and plenty of marketing buzz.

But when it comes down to the actual taste experience, it disappoints.

You’d expect each flavor to bring something distinct to the table, to resonate with the complex undertones that make kombucha an intriguing beverage in the first place.

Sadly, Brew Dr. falls short in this department.

They’ve got all kinds of flavors, from herbal to fruity, but none possess that fermented depth or the tart-sweet balance you’d hope for.

It’s almost as if the brand aims to please a broad audience but dilutes what makes a great kombucha.

In the quest to offer something for everyone, they’ve left out the adventurous spirit many kombucha enthusiasts crave.

3 Top Kombucha Brands

Best Kombucha Brands

Looking to elevate your kombucha game? Let’s cut to the chase.

Now that we know all about the worst kombucha brands, let me share some of the best ones in the market.

These brands excel in taste, health benefits, and overall experience.

1. Health-Ade

When it comes to kombucha that ticks all the boxes—flavor, health benefits, and aesthetic; Health-Ade is where the search ends.

With their small-batch brewing process and organic cold-pressed juice, you can taste the quality in every sip.

The real magic lies in its flavor variety; from Cayenne Cleanse to Pink Lady Apple, each one is a treat for the palate. If you’re diving into kombucha, you might as well start with the gold standard.

2. KeVita

KeVita brings a variety of options to your table, not just in the realm of kombucha but also with its sparkling probiotic drinks and tonics.

This brand knows how to keep your taste buds on their toes.

KeVita is also a master at offering balanced sweetness so you can enjoy your drink without the guilt.

If variety tickles your fancy, KeVita is definitely among the best kombucha brands for you.

3. Koe

For those of you skeptical about venturing into the kombucha realm, Koe serves as the perfect gateway.

These 25-calorie cans taste more like a sparkling refreshment than a fermented brew, easing you into probiotics.

This top kombucha brand may be new, but it’s quickly carving a niche with great kombucha flavors.

Plus, each can is packed with probiotics and Vitamin C. So, you get a burst of health benefits in a can that’s designed to appeal to even the kombucha skeptics.


So, you’ve been on this kombucha journey with me, from the overhyped duds to the genuine showstoppers.

Knowing about the worst kombucha brands, you’re in a prime position to make choices worth your time and taste buds.

Steer clear of the ones that don’t deliver, like Forage or Holy Kombucha, which might look good on the shelf but disappoint in the glass.

Instead, lean into brands that understand what kombucha should be: a balanced, complex treat that’s good for you, too.

Make a pick that counts the next time you find yourself in the food aisle or shopping for other products, like ice cream brands or instant ramen noodles.

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