Western Saddle Brands to Avoid 2024

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All Western saddles are not created equal. Some brands are good, while others are created by fake sellers.

So, you must be aware of the worst western saddle brands to avoid at all costs when buying.

It is never a good idea to choose the cheapest western saddle options over quality ones. Cheap saddles are made of inferior quality, which is why they are less expensive.

On the market, there are a variety of western saddle brands to choose from. You may easily get confused while browsing the internet. Check out our list before buying.

Western Saddle Brands to Avoid

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Worst Western Saddle Brands to Avoid

Our team put some of the most popular western saddles to the riding test. So, we have listed the only worst-performing brands to help you choose the right option and avoid the poor.

The followings are the worst western saddle brands to stay away from.

1. King Series – Synthetic Western Trail Saddle

King Series - Synthetic Western Trail Saddle

King Series is incredibly light, making it great for long trail rides when you don’t want to overburden your horse. It is constructed with the shock-absorbing ability and a comfortable suede seat. It also has a pommel, jockey, and horn.

But the King Series synthetic western saddle has inferior quality, which is the main reason for this model’s downside. The following are the drawbacks of this model.

  • Low-withered horses will not be able to wear it
  • Very stiff fenders, which can cause sore ankles on longer trips
  • Glued pieces are falling apart
  • Inferior quality

2. AceRugs – Western Pleasure Trail Horse Saddle

AceRugs - Western Pleasure Trail Saddle

Most probably, your horse will like the AceRugs western saddle since it is lightweight. It is an excellent choice for new or young horses. Also, the saddle’s soft padded seat ensures that you remain in your seat for long rides with extra grip.

Furthermore, it comes in various color options, such as Red, Pink, Purple, Green, Black, Blue, and Brown.

But their model AceRugs Western Pleasure Trail Saddle has failed to satisfy its users. Check out the reasons to avoid this model.

  • Poor fit on a horse because it leaves a gap between the saddle and a horse
  • Inferior quality leather ripped off easily
  • The colors of the saddles are good, but they split in the middle
  • The model’s overall output is meager

3. Circle S – Roping Saddle

Circle S - Roping Saddle

The Circle S Roping Saddle is designed to endure the most intensive riding conditions. It is constructed with a suede leather seat, silver hardware, and a hoof pick keeper.

Basketweave tooling, rough-out jockeys, fenders, and a comprehensive warranty are also among this model’s features.

However, in our riding test, it didn’t perform well. The following are the drawbacks of this model.

  • Quite often, the pick holder opens
  • During a gallop, the stirrup broke
  • The hardware fell apart
  • Overall, the performance is average

4. Chinese Western Saddle brands

Chinese Western Saddle brands

China is a major exporter of Western saddles to the United States. These cheap western saddles are easy to rectify because of their unfamiliar names.

There are a number of fake sellers who are selling cheap Western saddles on top e-commerce websites. They are charging high rates for these low-cost saddles with false labeling.

The drawbacks of these Chinese saddles are as follows:

  • Manufactured with inferior quality leather
  • Variation in size and don’t fit well on a horse
  • Saddles are slippery
  • Poor-quality hardware parts start falling after a few rides
  • Saddles are very stiff and uncomfortable

Final Words

We hope that this article has provided you with the most helpful guidance on which Western saddle brands to avoid when buying.

Since the King Series, Acerugs, and Circle S models listed above are of poor quality, it is better to stay away from them.

Furthermore, don’t be enticed by cheap western saddle brands due to the low price. These low-profile brands are not worth buying as they are made with inferior materials.

When buying online, always check the product reviews and seller’s credibility before placing your order.

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