How to Fix Frigidaire Washer Not Draining [Repair Guide]

If your Frigidaire washer not draining, there are a few possible causes. The main one is an obstruction in the drain hose. Another possibility is a broken wire connecting the pump to the motor.

Frigidaire washers are notorious for having a hard time draining. It seems like no matter what you do, there is always a bubbly, dirty laundry basket full of wet clothes just begging to be put away.

It can get very aggravating, especially when you are trying to have a clean house for guests or someone special.

But don’t WORRY! With this troubleshooting guide, you can easily diagnose Frigidaire drainage issues.

Frigidaire Washer Not Draining

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Frigidaire Washer Not Draining

Here are some easy troubleshooting tips for the Frigidaire washer not draining.

Before going into the details, check the following, which summarizes the common drainage problems and their quick solution.

Common ProblemsQuick Fix
Washer Drain Hose is CloggedClear dirt from drain hose end.
Drain Hose Assembly IssueEnsure proper attachment; check for blockages.
Damaged Drain LineCall plumber for repairs.
Faulty Water Pump BeltInspect belt; replace if needed.
Broken Pump Motor AssemblyCheck motor; may need replacement.
Faulty Lid SwitchReplace the lid switch.
Faulty WiringCall a professional electrician.

1. Washer Drain Hose is Clogged:

The first thing to check is the washer drain hose itself. It comes out of the bottom of the washing machine and goes into a plastic or metal fitting that is attached to the outside of the washing machine.

The hose should be flexible but not so much as to be “squeaky” when you move it. If it is clogged, it will make a whining or squealing noise whenever you turn on the faucet.

Clear any dirt from the end of the drain line where it attaches to the washer. Now, try to drain the washer again. Hopefully, it will work just fine this time.

2. Drain Hose and Motor Assembly Not Attached Properly:

Check to see if the washer drain hose and the plastic or metal fitting are attached to the washing machine’s outside.

If they are not, the drain hose could get twisted, kinked, or frozen to the ground inside the washer drum. This would prevent water from draining out.

If the drain hose and the fitting are properly attached, check the connections between the hose and the fitting.

Are they tight? Are there any spaces where dirt or other foreign matter could get in between the connections?

3. Frigidaire Washer Drain Line is Damaged:

Frigidaire Washer won't drain

If the hose is not the problem, inspect the drain line for damage. You should be able to view the drain line running underneath your washing machine. There are often two drain lines.

Inspect the drain line for cracks, holes, and rough spots.

Also, make sure the drain line does not twist or kink. If you find that there is a defect, have a plumber fix it for you. Otherwise, you could risk causing a bigger problem.

4. Faulty Water Pump Belt:

Faulty belts are a common cause of many Frigidaire washer problems.

This belt runs around the washer pump. The belt is made of rubber and should be fairly flexible. If it is not, it will wear quickly, resulting in a faulty belt.

The first thing to do is to look for any damage to the belt. It should be smooth and have no tears or other signs of damage.

If the belt is damaged, check the timing on the motor. If the belt is worn and the motor still operates, it is probably fine.

However, if the motor is not working, it may need to be replaced.

5. Pump Motor Assembly Is Broken:

If the pump is still running and the motor does not turn, then the pump motor assembly is probably broken. This would usually result in a “burned-out” washer motor.

Make sure you can see the motor itself. The motor is an electric motor with a wire running through it that sends electricity to the pump.

If the motor is not turning, try to see what is wrong. Is it one of the 3 screws that hold the motor in place? If so, remove the screws and remove the motor.

Is there anything blocking the motor’s path? If so, remove it. Does the motor make any noises when you turn it on or off? If so, you may need to replace it.

This is very rare, but if this happens to you, call your repair person immediately.

If this happens and you don’t have a warranty on the machine, replacing the entire motor assembly will be much more expensive.

6. Check the Lid Switch:

Check to see if the lid switch is working properly. The lid switch is what opens and closes the door of the washer.

If the lid switch is not working, then the washer cannot drain properly. This can cause problems with your washer.

You can test the lid switch by turning on your washer. If the washer does not drain and the lid switch does not open the door, then you will need a plumber to replace the lid switch.

7. Check for Faulty Wiring:

If the water pump motor is working, the pump is turning, but the water is not draining out of the washer, then you should check the wiring.

If the washer drains fine when the motor is not running, then the problem is most likely with the wiring.

In this case, you must call a professional electrician to check the wiring.


So there. Those are the top seven most common problems that cause Frigidaire washers to not drain. However, these are the ones I consider to be the most likely problems.

Remember, the first thing you should do if your washer stops draining is check your faucet. If the problem still exists, check the drain line attached to the bottom of your washing machine. Next, check the lid switch.

If all else fails, call a repair person. Don’t try to fix it yourself. It will almost certainly damage something and could cause a bigger problem later.

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