Brake Pad Brands to Avoid – Worst Experience

As someone who loves all things automotive, I’ve had my fair share of experiences with various car parts, including brake pads. Brake pads are essential components of a car’s braking system, and choosing the wrong ones can lead to annoying problems or, worse, jeopardize your safety.

After testing several brake pad brands, I’ve put together a list of the worst brake pad brands you should avoid at all costs.

In this article, we will discuss the worst brake pads I’ve encountered, which are from the least reliable tire manufacturers.

It’s important to mention that some of these brands do have positive aspects, but the negative points have been too significant for me to recommend them.

3 Brake Pad Brands to Avoid

Brake Pad Brands to Avoid

Carquest MKD785, Power Stop Z17, and BOSCH BC965 are the brake pad brands to avoid due to excessive dust, unbearable squeaking, uneven pad material, and rotor damage.

1. Carquest Brake Pads MKD785

I wanted to give the Carquest Brake Pads MKD785 a chance, and I thought they’d be a decent option for my car. I was wrong.

First off, the pads didn’t fit without filing the edges to fit my factory pad holder. It was an inconvenience that shouldn’t be necessary with properly designed brake pads.

However, what really made me lose faith in these pads were two main issues. The excessive brake dust was astonishing, and it was everywhere. I’ve never had such a problem with brake pads in the past.

Also, the squeaking was unbearable. Despite these drawbacks, I’ve never had issues with other parts from Carquest, so it might just be this specific product.

Lastly, I installed these in January 2023 and put less than 20K miles on them, but they still managed to eat my new rotors. Overall, I cannot recommend the Carquest Brake Pads MKD785.

2. Power Stop Z17 Brake Pads

I heard some good things about Power Stop, so I thought I’d give their Z17 brake pads a try. Unfortunately, I ran into some pretty significant issues with these brake pads as well.

Firstly, the Power Stop Z17 Brake Pads are extremely noisy. No one wants to drive around with squeaky brakes, and it can be quite embarrassing. Moreover, these brake pads produce an incredibly large amount of brake dust. This may not be a deal-breaker for some, but it’s still a considerable downside.

It’s a shame because Power Stop is known for producing some reliable and durable brake pads. Sadly, the Z17 just doesn’t live up to the company’s reputation.

3. BOSCH BC965 Disc Brake Pad

BOSCH is a well-known brand that has produced quality products in the past, but the BC965 Disc Brake Pad falls short in a few areas. The pad material was uneven, which made my pedal feel spongy and didn’t inspire confidence in my braking system.

Additionally, these brake pads are very noisy, much like the other two brands mentioned earlier. It’s disappointing to see this issue in a brand with such a good reputation.

Although the overall quality of BOSCH products is usually high, the BC965 Disc Brake Pad is not a product I’d recommend.


In conclusion, it’s essential to be cautious when selecting brake pads for your vehicle.

Brands like Carquest MKD785, Power Stop Z17, and BOSCH BC965 may have some positive aspects, but the problems they bring, such as excessive dust, unbearable squeaking, uneven pad material, and rotor damage, far outweigh the benefits.

Instead of risking your safety and vehicle performance, it’s advisable to invest in more reliable and reputable brake pad brands. Conduct thorough research and consult trusted reviews to make an informed decision and ensure a smooth, safe driving experience.

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