Can You Keep Potatoes in the Fridge? Do Potatoes Go Bad?

If you do not like vegetables, the chances are that you will love potatoes. That’s the best thing about this veggie. Everyone loves it.

Potatoes play a major role in many people’s favorite recipes. One thing you can not resist is French fries. That is also made of; you guessed it right, potatoes.

Can You Keep Potatoes In The Fridge

But where do you store this vegetable? Can you keep potatoes in the fridge? Here’s the truth!

Can You Keep Potatoes in the Fridge?

No, it is highly recommended not to keep potatoes in the fridge. They survive the best and maintain their freshness in a less cold environment.

Potatoes are vulnerable to cold. That’s because a lower temperature can take away the starch from potatoes.

The vegetable starts growing sugar. Hence, your potatoes will turn sweeter if you keep them in the fridge.

However, storing potatoes in refrigerators is recommended for significantly warmer home environments.

How Long Can You Keep Potatoes in the Fridge?

Despite all the disadvantages, some people do prefer keeping potatoes in the fridge. In that case, they can last up to 4 weeks.

People also store cooked potatoes in refrigerators. They can last up to 4 days.

However, you should not keep uncooked potatoes in the fridge. It will take away the vegetable’s signature taste.

Is It Better to Keep Potatoes in the Fridge or Out?

Keeping potatoes out of the fridge is way better than inside unless you want your potatoes to develop a sweet taste.

Raw potatoes are best kept in a warmer environment. You can store them in a bag and keep them somewhere warm and cozy.

This way, the potatoes will remain fresh and keep the starch intact. You will not notice sweetness in taste.

Is Keeping Potatoes in the Fridge Safe?

Refrigerators do not harm potatoes from the outside. However, the coldness takes away the necessary starch and replaces it with sugar.

Potatoes require starch to maintain their flavor. Moreover, fridges have a cold and humid environment. It can lead to carcinogens and acrylamide.

That said, keeping potatoes in the fridge can sometimes be safe. For instance, a refrigerator can be a safe haven for vegetables if your house is too warm.

It will prevent sprouting and other harmful organisms.

What is the Best Way to Store Potatoes?

The best way to store potatoes is to use a paper bag and keep them somewhere mildly warm.

When handling potatoes, moisture is your biggest enemy. It is also found in the humidity of a fridge.

That is why it is best to store your potatoes outside. You can use any bowl and keep them away from ventilation.

How Long Do Uncooked Potatoes Last?

Uncooked potatoes can last up to 2-3 months, depending on the environment.

If the surroundings do not meet the requirements, potatoes will spoil within a week.

It depends entirely on the environment you provide. If you keep the moisture at bay, potatoes can survive up to a few months.

However, humidity and cold weather can spoilage within a couple of weeks.

How Long Can You Keep Cooked Potatoes in the Fridge?

Generally, cooked potatoes can survive 2-3 days in the fridge. In some cases, they can even last for 5-7 days.

If you want to keep them for a longer time, you should opt for a freezer. It can contain potatoes for up to a year.

However, do not put them in the freezer right away. First, boil the potatoes for at least 5 minutes. Now, they are ready to be put in the freezer.

At room temperature, cooked potatoes can be spoiled within a couple of hours.

Can You Store Sweet Potatoes in the Fridge?

You can store sweet potatoes in the fridge. But, do it only if you wish to eat them within a few weeks.

Storing sweet potatoes in a refrigerator is not bad. However, keeping them inside for too long can cause problems.

Usually, the cold atmosphere ruins the signature taste of sweet potatoes.

If you want your sweet potatoes to have a longer lifespan, store them as regular potatoes.

Keep them in a bowl in a mildly warmer environment away from moisture.

Do Potatoes Go Bad?

Yes, potatoes can go bad. You can identify that if a potato has become mushy.

Becoming soft is a sign of spoilage for potatoes. Harmful bacteria can heavily affect this vegetable if not stored properly.

Inspect every potato carefully while cooking to ensure it has no downsides.


To Wrap Up

That’s all you need to know about storing potatoes in a fridge. Generally, it is a big NO.

You should never keep your potatoes in a colder place. It could ruin the taste when cooked.

So, the ideal environment is a no-moisture zone and a warmer temperature. This way, you can prolong the life of your favorite vegetable.

Only opt for a fridge if your house is too warm. In that case, preserving in a refrigerator will actually save your potatoes.

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